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Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat are "Jealous" in Their New Collaboration

 In today's day and age, comparison is easier than ever - almost everyone has fallen victim to the trap of impossible standards social media projects onto its users. Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat teamed up for the first time for their collaboration single "Jealous," a story about comparison and insecurity that comes from the digital age. The release is Rexha's first since 2019, and is expected to be featured on her upcoming album. 

     Rexha explores the feelings of insecurity that comes from comparing yourself to images a romantic partner is seeing and liking on their feeds. "All it takes is a girl above me / On your timeline to make me nothing," she sings in the first verse. The song continues to detail the lengths she and many other women have gone to make themselves meet the standards she envies. "Waist trainer for a tinier waist / but I can't help it if I like the way food tastes," she raps in verse 2. Doja Cat joins in the third verse to rap, bringing a twist of humor and a touch of confidence: "If he fiendin' he'll prolly get a catfish." 

     The track itself is driven by a heavy beat and funky synths, with subtle guitar riffs that add an edge to the duo's voices. "Jealous" is Rexha's first release in 2020, and is likely to appear on the current album she's been working on to follow-up her 2018 release Expectations. Doja Cat released her second album Hot Pink in 2019, and this year collaborated with Nicki Minaj for a new edition of her viral single, "Say So."  You can stream their collaboration everywhere now. 


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