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Easton Corbin Releases "Let's Do Country Right"

January 20, 2023

Easton Corbin becomes the latest artist to release a plea for Nashville to revert back to a more traditional sound with his latest album “Let’s Do Country Right.” This kind of album has become somewhat of a trend among artists who are not satisfied with the current state of music in Nashville, the most vocal of the group being Alan Jackson who released his own cry for change in 2021 with “Where Have You Gone.” “Let’s Do Country Right” leans heavily on classic country instrumentation featuring the fiddle and steel guitar prominently. The songwriting is also evident of a call to action using traditional lyrical themes of a broken heart and drinking. As well as songs like ‘Hey Merle’ a tribute to country legend Merle Haggard and ‘Somebody’s Gotta Be Country’ and the title track mentioning other legends of the genre George Strait and Alan Jackson respectively.

“Let’s Do Country Right” is Easton Corbin’s 5th studio album and his first since 2015.

Stream the album and follow Easton Corbin here:


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