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Em Beihold Confronts Her Journey With Anti-Depressants in “Numb Little Bug”

In January of 2022, the LA based artist released her breakout single “Numb Little Bug” following its success on TikTok. The song gives a very candid look into the life of someone struggling to figure out the best way to live with their depression or anxiety. When going through the process of starting a new medication, Beihold penned the lyrics:

“Do you ever get a little bit tired of life?

Like you're not really happy but you don't wanna die,

Like you're hanging by a thread but you gotta survive,

'Cause you gotta survive”

While somewhat jarring, these lyrics are the reality that many people experience in their daily lives. The authenticity of this piece captivated the internet and generated major support for the emerging artist. Em Beihold has opened up the doors for her audience to feel seen and accepted.

Watch the music video for “Numb Little Bug:”

This song is only one example proving that the newest generation of songwriters is not afraid to tackle difficult subject matter in their work. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, conversations around mental health are more prevalent than ever. Artists such as Jax, Blü Eyes, and Em Beihold have created trending songs centered around struggles with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Somehow, these women manage to make their songs charming and catchy, while drawing attention to serious issues that people in society face today. To listen to Em’s new album and see what she does next, follow the links below!


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