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John Michael Ferrari 'Paints You A Love Song' in New Video

The latest single from John Michael Ferrari is the ever-so-romantic "Paint You A Love Song." When a friend asked John to write a song for their wedding, the multi-award-winning artist couldn't turn it down. The result? "Paint You A Love Song." Featured on his album, "My Heart Can't Breathe," "Paint You A Love Song" is brought into a new light as a single off the album, with it's own video to boot!

"I enjoy watching clouds and skies and rainbows, particularly seeing them through trees," states Ferrari. "In "Paint You A Love Song," I wanted to find a different way poetically to express myself using those images that I enjoy. Not in the Shakespearean way but in the Ferrarian way!"

In the brand new music video, John Michael Ferrari shows viewers to his favorite places! In the video, John Michael Ferrari sings the love song, while transporting viewers to wedding scenes, a colorful sky, purple clouds, a forest with autumn leaves, and more. Now that's a romantic gesture!

Watch the colorful "Ferrarian" video on YouTube below!


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