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Judy Paster Provides Light in Dark Times with New Single “Dreams Are Made to Believe”

If there’s one thing Judy Paster has made clear, it’s that nothing can rain on her parade. That sunny sentiment holds true in her new single “Dreams Are Made to Believe,” a soulful ode to optimism co-written with music industry veteran Bill Cuomo and Moe Loughran. Check it out here.

Cuomo, a Grammy Award winner who’s worked with legends like Smokey Robinson, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Stevie Nicks, notes that “in a time of uncertainty and conflict, Judy reaches out with an uplifting message that is a breath of much needed fresh air, wrapped in a soulful musical package.” As we approach a full year since the world halted to reckon with a raging pandemic, light at the end of the tunnel may seem like an imaginary concept; Judy Paster, however, is here to remind us to keep our heads up as we continue to look forward to better times and to never let go of the dreams that got us to where we are in the first place.

“Dreaming is a part of life! When you fall down you’ve got to get back up and keep dreaming for the life you want to live,” the free-spirited folk vocalist explained.

Judy Paster has committed herself to creating music that is reflective of her own personal experience; the pretty, the ugly, and everything in between. In her previous work you’ll find stories of her tumultuous upbringing and the journey that led her to become the woman she is today. Now, having traveled plenty of twists and turns for one lifetime, she seeks to spread positivity and hope in a time where it’s needed more than ever.

“This song is my way of looking at and bringing hope to my own dreams, and is really a message for everyone to grab.”

“Dreams Are Made to Believe” is now available on all streaming platforms. To learn more about Judy Paster, visit her website at and follow her on social media @JudyPasterMusic.

Listen to the song now on Spotify, Apple Music and more! http


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