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Shari Rowe’s “We’ll Be Home For Christmas” Invites You to a Different Kind of Christmas!

Make sure to include Arizona native Shari Rowe’s Christmas single “Home For Christmas” on your Christmas playlist! Not only are we talking about one of the most excellent vocalists out there but also a really special Christmas tune. Where most of them sing about the cold or the snow, Shari paints us a beautiful picture of how Christmas in the desert can still feel like the real thing, even if it looks a lot different. The smooth laid back train beat and warm fiddle melodies make you feel cozy and comfortable right away, as Shari explains in the song: "The only icicles around here hang from our gingerbread house, and if you squint from far away the sand can pass for snow” and "We don’t need a hat or gloves on, We’ll still deck the halls”.

Like so many of our favorite Christmas songs, this one is a love song as well. The chorus talks about being together underneath the sparkly sky and that: "Heaven knows there won’t be snow, But I’ve got you and you’ve got me.” Mix it up for the holidays and take a little day dream into the desert!


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