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Single Review: Hannyta "Make It To The Night"

Originally from Hungary but grew up in Scotland, the young talented singing sensation Hanna Olah, Hannyta, is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter currently based in the UK. She spent alot of her time living with her Auntie from Florida, from whom she picked up a lot of the American styles that she displays in all her content today.

After releasing her "Wildflower" hit song that hit Top 5 on the international iTunes charts, the young starlet is set to drop her next single titled "Make It To the Night", expected to drop on January 21st. In every sense, her upcoming single is the reality of dealing with an aching heart but still willing to keep on fighting. She voices strongly the fact that the pain might be there, but even then, love abides so much more, and it only needs to be accompanied by tonnes of faith and patience to make it work.

Wrapped in a dazzling beat that is well mixed and mastered, the pop-sounding track will force you to agree with Hannyta that; when you hang in there and pull through all the noise and chaos in the day, you might be eventually able to connect all the dots and realize that it is actually not over yet but rather needs a rekindle or even a fresh start. Don't give up on that relationship yet; fight for what still remains.

This beautiful piece of music drops in a few weeks (January 21st 2022) from MTS Records. To follow more about artist Hannyta and her music, check out her website. (Link below)


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