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Whiskey Wears Off, But Does The Memory?

Dane Louis wrote “Whiskey Wears Off” about a rather familiar situation. You’re at the bar and start talking with a beautiful person. Maybe a potential love interest? At this time you may be a little loaded which makes it easier to fall in love. But what happens when the whiskey wears off? Well usually a headache, and I guess finding a person you just met in the same bed as you could also be labeled a headache. Dane Louis’s newest single is a sincere and emotional reflection on the day after a night of drinking.

Dane gained the inspiration for “Whiskey Wears Off” when he was “headed back from a long night of drinking and staying somewhere with somebody I probably shouldn’t have, without getting into it too much. On my way home, as a kind of ‘self-validation’, I started saying ‘Well, I said I wouldn’t be there once the whiskey wore off’. And then the whole song hit me like a bus.”

It is clear to see that Dane was inspired when writing this track. The dynamics throughout draw the listener in while the story captivates everyone, even those who don’t get to turn down good-looking people as much as Dane does.

Dane Louis exposes more of the songwriting process by saying: “There’s a weird thing with writing songs that I stick to that follows the philosophy 'the good ones pour out in five minutes'. The kind of manic chicken scratch on a page once you get a hold of a guitar. It doesn’t always happen that way, but when it does those are usually the most honest and 'best' songs. Kind of the universe’s way of handing ya a lucky ticket. That's how Whiskey went. I tiptoed in the house at 5 AM, my roommate’s giant Bernese Mountain Dog came and hung out with me and we sat there and quietly picked and wrote out Whiskey Wears Off."

Hopefully the roommate wasn’t too annoyed with waking up to this killer country rock track because people seem to love it. Dane recalls that “[‘Whiskey Wears Off’] has probably been the most well received, requested, and replayed song I’ve ever had. Everyone always seems elated and engaged by the first chorus and they’re singing along by the 3rd”. It is easy to see why. The message is relatable but the song is rocking. Mixing southern rock and country music while keeping the sound organic was important to Dane and his band as he wanted to appeal to everyone.

"This isn’t just a song for your average country fans. It draws from other styles, and holds a sound everyone can hang onto and enjoy.”
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