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Whey Jennings Goes Pink

Lockeland Talks Geeky Hobbies and Plays Heads Up

Williams Honor Talks A Sea of Fries

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Erik Dylan Talks Baseball on the Moon and Coaching Little League on Crank It Country

Josh Gracin Talks Carrie Underwood and Ferzy Brings Up Deep Cuts on Crank It Country

Pumpkinseed Talks Big Believin Sky and Tell Wacky Stories From the Road on Crank It Country

Jack Nelson Talks Texas Roots and Babe the Blue Ox on Crank It Country

Jet Jurgensmeyer is the Coolest Teenager Alive, Killing it at CMA on Crank It Country

Kaylee Rutland Talks Pick-Me-Ups and Disney on Crank It Country at CMA Fest

Queeva Talks Humidity Versus Curly Hair Life on Crank It Country at CMA Fest

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The Whiskey Dix and Comedian Rocky Dale Davis Joke Endlessly on Crank It Country

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Jenna Paulette and Raleigh Keegan CRANK IT UP Raving About Ghosts and Wal-Mart

Broseph Talks Super Bowl Food, Plays a Name Game, and CRANKS IT with "Let's Do This"

CRANKIN It UP at Country Radio Seminar 2018

Uncle Knuckle Laughs, Sweats and Cries During Hot Chicken Week

Canaan Smith Talks About Upcoming Tour, Best Instagram Posts, and Performs a CRANKIN Rendition of "This Night Back"

PJ North Talks Racing, How I Met Your Mother Advice, and Does a SPOT ON Macho Man Randy Savage Impression

Jada Vance Talks Hick & Roll, American Idol and Does an Impromptu Cheer

Mary Sarah CRANKS IT UP - Talks Kidz Bop, The Voice, and MORE!

Heidi Raye Talks New EP, Does Mental Math, and Performs a CRANKIN Rendition of "Boys are Stupid"

Uncle Knuckle Talks Feelin Good in the summer and Cranks Up "Brush Yer Teeth"

The Lovely Ladies of Dixie Jade Get Pretty in Pink

Brittany Ray and the Crank It Country Prom

Caylie Gregorio Wrapped Up in Pink and Crankin Out Uke Tunes

Lane Roberson Cranks It Cupcakes

Audra McLaughlin Talks The Voice, Philadelphia Eagles, and Does a Killer Shakira Impression

Cookin Up Tasty Jamz With Smithfield (Not the Pork Company)

The Kentucky Gentlemen Bring Some Soul and Cheetah Girls Tunes to Crank It Country

Boo Ray Tells us About His Latest CRANKIN Record and His Favorite Motel Chains

Jon Wolfe Talks New Record, George Strait and Performs a CRANKIN Version of His Latest Single

Sarah Darling Talks Space and Her New Album "Dream Country"

Ryan Griffin Tells us His Summer Essentials and Serenades us Beautifully

Shari Rowe Talks Country Music out of Arizona and her New Single "Southern Spells"


Mitchell Lee talks Jokester Bandmates and Being Careful on the Mic in Front of His Grandma

Harry James Talks CRANKIN Polka Music and his Life as the Italian Cowboy

Country Sister Trio, Southern Halo CRANKIN' UP Their Heavenly Harmonies

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