Blane Howard

     "Promise To Love Her"


Blake Howard is making a splash across the country music industry with his viral hit "Promise to Love Her." What began simply as a song written for his wife, "Promise To Love Her" has become a viral sensation generating more than 8 Million video views across multiple platforms and is now averaging over 2.5 million streams every month with a grand total of over 32 Million streams. Blane has also been named Male Vocalist of the Year in both 2018 and 2019 in his home state Arkansas' CMA awards. He embraces the sound of the music he was raised on while adding his own personal flair, and has opened for many of Country's biggest acts including Blake Shelton, Josh Turner, Joe Nichols, Lauren Alaina, Trace Adkins, Rodney Atkins, Hunter Hays, Granger Smith, Travis Tritt, and Charlie Daniels Band. The brand new re-vamped music video debuted on CMT on Novemver 6th, and even if you're already familiar with the song and previously released video you'll want to check this one out which includes new footage that makes it even more special.

Videos Releases & Reviews:

Kalsey Kulyk - "Damn You Love"

You probably remember Kalsey Kulyk from a few of her videos from earlier this year such as "More Time" and "Bad Liar." The Canadian artist has just released another new video from her self-titled album when was released last August. The music video was released on CMT as part of their Artist Discovery program, and Kalsey had the following to say in an interview with CMT for the premiere, "The day we shot ‘Damn You Love,’ I remember being so grateful! It was like, ’Wow, how do I get to do this for a living?! Create music to connect with people and have CMT support it?!’ It definitely was a dream come true shooting that day because I got to make a music video for one of my favorite songs on the record that was also written with two of my favorite writers in town, Liz Rose and Phil Barton. Grateful would be the key feeling to that day.”

The Ultimate Father & Son Video

Dierks Bentley continues his streak of absolutely stunning music videos which add to the already outstanding songs. Dierks already had a pretty great video for his song "Living", but damn did he step up the bar with this one.

Basically, the video follows Dierks and his son throughout a day together, showing how much fun a father and son can have while also making all of us wish we grew up with Dierks as our Dad. It starts with his son waking him up early, leaving toys out for him to step on, and then right when he's about to make his morning coffee, banging on the drums to wake up anyone within a mile radius. Dierks finally just gives in and starts having fun too; there are some awesome shots of them playing with nerf guns, going to the waterpark, and hanging out at the arcade. His son, Knox Bentley, also spends the day showing off his skills with the ladies, first at the ice cream shop, and then by giving a giant teddy bear to a girl (he's smoother than Danny Zuko and Ferris Bueller combined).

If you've read this far, congratulations. Now, watch the video. Seriously. Right now.

Look What God Gave Her

Everyone knows Thomas Rhett for his music and especially for making every other man in the world look bad (you can't sing like an angel, be an amazing husband and father, and just be an awesome human being too; it's not fair). Well, he's doing it again with his new tune "Look What God Gave Her".

This song has already been called a certified bop by Crank It Country after he played it on his debut of SNL, and he took it to a whole new level with this video. You can see Rhett performing the song on a weird set that is filled with soft, warm colors, which just adds to the lovey-dovey-ness of the song (yes, lovey-dovey-ness is a word). Throughout the video, his wife and kids can also be spotted, because he hasn't rubbed his perfect family in our face enough??? He also spotlights several other strong females including the founder of Love One, the women of Thistle Farms, and the artist who did the artwork for the single cover. Look, Thomas, we get it, you're perfect. You win. Now, could you tone it down a bit so you don't make the rest of us guys look so bad? 

If you want to smile at an amazing family having fun together with a great tune playing for them, then give this video a view.


The Redneck Navy may reside in Louisiana, but the Redneck Navy is over at Granger Smith's farm. This video for Holler by Granger and Earl Dibbles Jr. has got everything you would expect from those two; there's great music, big trucks, fun toys, guns, and obviously beer. 

It starts with Granger texting all his friends to throw down at the "Yee Yee Farm", which is met by a resounding "Hell Yeah". Now, only people who grew up in the sticks know how batsh!t crazy a farm party can get, but they changed the game with this one. The next scene is a fleet of vehicles ranging from jacked up trucks to 18-wheelers, to A FRIGGIN' HELICOPTER! Then the party begins - they all start getting rowdy and having way too much fun (and God damn it if I ain't jealous of them). As with any other gathering of rednecks, when it hits a certain level of Yee Yee, Earl Dibbles Jr. is summoned to kick the party into high gear. 

Basically, if you want to see how they party in the country, go watch this video.

Te Amo Tequila

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR. George's newest tune is all about that godsend called tequila, but more specifically, Codigo tequila. This brand is special to Strait because not only does he believe it to be the best tequila there is, he's an investor in the brand! Regardless of this song being a plug for his product, the song slaps and will have your mouth watering for a shot and a lime. 

The video is just as fun to watch as the song is to listen to. We start out with George and another man in a cellar filled with aging tequila, and almost immediately are thrown into George performing all over the farm and distillery. There is dancing, singing, and of course drinking. We also get a glimpse at the tequila making process which will only make you want a drink that much more.

Go pour yourself a glass of your favorite tequila and watch this video!

Boyband And A Man

Well, it looks like that little dip into country left one of the Backstreet Boys wanting to do more with the genre! AJ Mclean's newest music video for "Boy And A Man" is a heartwarming love story that you just have to watch! 

It begins with AJ dressed as an old man (which if I had to nitpick, just looks super weird but oh well), sitting in his rocking chair and holding a stuffed animal rabbit. Soon we can see the reflections of his life as he watches his younger self fishing and goofing around with a young girl, who he gives the stuffed rabbit too. Next, we watch the two become more than friends, at prom of all places. The video jumps to their wedding, where AJ Mclean's real-life wife, Rochelle, makes an appearance. Then, we can see the two, still together when they are older, and everything seems good in the world. Now, this is where they rip your heart out, the wife dies just like in the movie Up and let me tell you, it's just as sad this time around - to make it even worse, she gives the rabbit back to her husband right before she passes (did you hear that, that's the sound of my heart deflating). The video wraps up with the man alone, but happy with how his life turned out.

To conclude, this video will take you through more emotions than a 4-minute video should be able to, but it is definitely worth it. Great song, AMAZING video, and definitely deserves a watch.

How Does It Feel?

Well, this video has a lot of great stuff going for it, but the best part has got to be the very beginning. It opens with Jenna making a video for social media and she's got everything right for the gram - beautiful sunset in the background, perfect makeup, and falling on her a$$. She came up laughing so it doesn't seem like she was hurt, Stuart definitely got a kick out of it though.

"Feels Like That" is really interesting in that there isn't a story going on, it's just Jenna and Stuart singing in different locations. This simplistic choice could've been made for hundreds of reasons, but it works because the sheer beauty of where they are simply makes you "feel like that". Also, they shot the entire thing with an iPhone! That has nothing to do with the song, it's just super cool! You think your iPhone skills are as good as the Reklaws?

Take the Money, I'll Take the Country

Let me ask y'all somethin'... You like cars, whiskey, bonfires, and country-rock music? If you checked yes, then boy do I have the perfect music video for you to check out. LYRX's "Take the Money" video expertly displays her as an outlaw rocker with just a splash of country.

This masterpiece basically serves as a middle finger to city life. LYRX calls out those people who look down on country living as second class and tells them to mind their business because it's perfect out here. LYRX stars as a mechanic fixing up a gorgeous Bentley for a couple of city slickers, and then showing them how people party in the boondocks - around the fire with some good whiskey. The best part is how LYRX uses this to set herself apart from everyone else as a rebellious rockstar that shouldn't be messed with.

If you listen to us once in your life, it should be when we tell you to check out this video!

Ryan Hurd - "To a T"

Ryan Hurd just released his video for "To a T" and it is just as sweet and wholesome as the song itself. The video follows multiple couples some young, some old, some married, some expecting, all adorably in love (you know that kind that feels like they are showing off?). We also get some nice shots of Ryan singing while shirtless, which ain't anything to complain about. And if you watch closely, you can catch a glimpse of Hurd's wife Maren Morris.

It's a love story extraordinaire that pairs perfectly with the song, like a nice red wine and a ribeye. Seeing these sweet couples in love will make you grin ear to ear, even if you are about to burst with jealousy. It's like someone else's dog, you can't help but smile, but you also want to keep the dog for yourself.


I highly recommend grabbing your girl, guy, boo, or whatever you call that special someone and crank out to this video with them! 

Somebody's Gotta Do It

Easton Corbin's new song "Somebody's Gotta Be Country" is a true modern country song - no pop or any other genre to be found. The song highlights the need for country folk, muddy boots and all. He details the requirements for being country as chewing Red Man, listening to Alan Jackson, partying till the stars burn out, and more. Well, I don't know about y'all, but sign me the hell up!

With a song like this, it would be a mistake to have a huge production of a music video, and Corbin's team knew that. They kept it simple and, of course, country. The performance part of the video is small clips of Easton playing to the camera in front of an old barn with fields as far as you can see all around, or sitting on a tree stump around a fire pit at a hunting camp. The rest of the video is filled with Easton having a good ol' time with a country boy's toys. We see him practicing with his bow and arrow, driving his side-by-side through the mud, and playing with some hunting decoys. Basically, he was in redneck heaven for this video, and I honestly wish I could go too.

The Love of a Dog is Unending

Well, the search is over... The Edgar Cut for Brett Eldredge's "Love Someone" is by far, the greatest music video of all time - and I doubt it will ever lose that title.

I'm sure y'all have heard the song by now. At first listen, it sounds like a really great and sweet love song about an amazing girl. The fast paced beat and Eldredge's vocals make you sing along, but they actually make you feel good about loving someone. Basically, the song is outstanding and gets me groovin' along every time. Now that you know the song, I'm guessing your picturing the music video. Let me guess, a guy and girl going on picnics, swimming, driving in a truck, looking at the stars, etc.? WRONG! This video is all about the love between Brett and his dog Edgar.

The video is all a dream of the dog where they eat steaks by candlelight, play fetch, curl up on the couch, and a ton of other hilarious scenarios. The video wraps up with the cutest home videos of Brett and Edgar as a puppy. 

All in all, it's an amazing song, made even better with the best video ever. So, do yourself a favor and watch the video so you can be as happy as I am. 

No one reads history books anyway.

To add to the long list of parties that I have missed in Nashville, Jake Owen's "Down to the Honky Tonk" is a party is that I'll regret missing for a long, long time.

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you can't go to the bar tonight, because after viewing, you'll do anything to get there. This video follows Jake strolling through famous Lower Broadway with a full-on party in tow. He visits some well-known watering holes like Tootsie's and Honky Tonk Central (I wonder if he had to wait in line before getting in?). Throughout the video Jake has several different flamboyant outfits that he wears while performing on stage, on the bar (always wanted to do that), and in the street, all while having the time of his life. This ultimate party vibe that the video gives is perfect for the song which is all about how he may not go down in history, but he can be on top of the world down at the honky tonk. 


I don't care who you are or what mood you're in, there is no possible way that you could watch this video or listen to the song and not immediately want to go "Down to the Honky Tonk". So, watch the video and I'll meet y'all at the bar at 5. 

It's not you, its me...

Have you ever been in the middle of a horrible break up and thought "I wish I could video this for millions of people to see"? No? Well, some people definitely wanted to do just that for Brad Paisley's new music video of "Bucked Off". Brad had previously asked his fans to send in videos of their break ups so that he could use them in a music video, and the results are hilarious!

The video starts with a woman breaking up with her man, and she starts to get angry when she realizes he is filming. She tries to take the phone away and we get a glimpse of the man laughingly saying, "Got it!" (I'm going to take a wild guess and say that she cited his maturity as a reason for breaking up). The video then mixes in several rodeo clips and footage from a live concert that Brad did at Tootsie's Bar in Nashville (I missed it because I was with my family, and I don't know if I'll be able to forgive them), as well as several other couples breaking up. Now, you might think that watching relationships end would be sad, but how could I ever be sad while watching a guy get cheese dumped on his head? By the end of the video, several people are understandably upset at Brad for ruining their relationship, but if you're not willing to sacrifice a relationship to be in a music video, are you really a fan?

The song "Bucked Off", if you haven't already heard it, is an upbeat song about the similarities between getting dumped and getting bucked off of an animal at the rodeo (I've gone through both, and I have to say I prefer the animals). Just like any Paisley song, the outstanding guitar work moves the song along and throws you into the experience. Paisley's picking is complimented by the steel guitar and fiddle which round out the sound completely and continue to grab your attention throughout the performance. "Bucked Off" is a fun take on a usually very upsetting scenario, and the music video is one of the funniest and most entertaining videos I've ever seen.

LOCASH - "Feels Like A Party"

Stop what you're doing right now, go watch the video for "Feels Like A Party" by LOCASH. The song is more than enough to get you moving, the snare drum grabs you by the hips and forces you to drop it like it's hot (not the Snoop Dogg kind). When combined with the music video, there's no option other than to dance. The yellow backdrop grabs your attention immediately, and the various, fun-loving characters make you desperate to join in their dancing, no matter your grooving capabilities. 

Multiple people at work, exercising, doing laundry... just a bunch of people who can't hold in their need to dance and have to bust a move (or ten). While everybody's getting jiggy with it, the LOCASH duo are strutting in front of a bright yellow backdrop, while giving a concert to a small crowd of partiers. Whoever did the camera work wasn't paid enough because they are amazing. They turned a video into an experience, and really made us feel like we were partying with LOCASH. But the true genius of this video is in it's simplicity. By not showing an unrealistic party or complicated dance routine from those dancing, it makes us feel like we are apart of the party (which is great, since I am rarely invited to those). What are you doing still reading? Go watch it!

Russel Dickerson's $6 Video, "Yours"

For those who don’t know, Russell Dickerson is a country singer/songwriter from the Nashville area. Most well known for his hit single, and “love song of the year”(Sirius XM), “Yours.” This song is extremely sentimental and emotionally heart-tugging, yet not cheesy like most of the ballads we encounter these days (you know which ones I’m talking about). The song is beautifully written. the soaring and memorable melodies combine with honest, heart-filled lyrics to create an impeccable production that all can resonate with.


I came to life when I first kissed you / the best me has his arms around you / you make me better than I was before / thank God I’m Yours / the worst me is just a long gone memory / you put a new heart beat inside of me / you make me better than I was before / thank God I’m yours


The black and white music video is simple, yet extremely effective in making the song “come to life” (see what I did there?). The frame switches back and forth from Dickerson walking down an empty street in the pouring down rain to him kissing his wife with a beautifully lit backdrop. The real shocker is this: Russell and his wife did the whole production for….




That’s right, six. Dollars.


This six dollars went only to gas used to drive around a quiet town west of Nashville. Kailey, Russell’s wife, attatched her camera to the back of her SUV using a tripod as Russell walked closely behind. The other shots were filmed in their backyard with one light.


Dickerson is embarking on a tour with country star, Thomas Rhett, March 23rd.

Chris Lane - "For Her"

The music video for Chris Lane’s single, “For Her” is not your average music video with actors and storyline plots. Instead, it uses a real life romantic experience to portray the song. No actors, no scripts, just straight up love. Video director TK McKamy, Chris Lane, and a fan with the name of Brandon all teamed up to put on a surprise proposal.  


The video kicks off with a disclaimer to fans, stating, “what you’re about to see is a true story. No actors were used in the making of this video.” Next, we meet Brandon, who confesses his love for his future fiancé, Connie. He is soon joined by Chris Lane.


“Instead of making up a love story for the music video, I wanted to have a real life, genuine love story, and this is the real deal…He’s got the ring.” Lane said near the beginning of the video.


And they CERTAINLY pulled it off. Connie was under the impression that they had won five private concert tickets to see and meet Chris Lane. What actually happened, though, completely took her by surprise. Brandon stands up, starts singing with Chris Lane, and instructs Connie to come up with him.  He then gets down on one knee and proposes. Shortly after, Connie saw all her close friends and family surrounding her.


Don’t take it from us, see for yourself!

Peter Pan / Lost Boy Mash-up by Megan Golden

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Megan Golden has been writing and performing her original country/pop music live since she was 15 years old. At just 16 she was performing weekly at the world famous Nashville Palace. She is still currently performing multiple times a week at some of Nashville’s most well known venues, such as The Row, The Bluebird Café, The Basement, and more. Megan recently recorded her debut EP and released her first single from the EP, “Getaway Car.” While her EP contains all songs written by herself, Megan’s passion for singing has led her to start doing weekly cover videos of her favorite artists on her youtube channel!

Megan’s viewers have come to know that they can count on a new cover video to be posted every Monday, often times turning her cover into a mash-up of two or more of her favorite songs at the time. The video featured here, is one of the first instances were Megan took on the challenge of combining two seemingly very different songs. Combing a song topping the pop charts, “Lost Boy” by Ruth B, with the #1 country song “Peter Pan” by Kelsea Ballerini allowed Megan to reach out fans in multiple genres in just one cover video. This is Megan’s first youtube video to hit 10k views! Check it out here!

Kelsea Ballerini - "Peter Pan"

Peter Pan, Kelsea Ballerini’s third radio single, had a very successful release earlier this year. The song hit the charts almost instantly after its release – and rightfully so. Peter Pan is a beautiful ballad that paints a picture of an immature lover who can never seem to understand what it takes to remain in a healthy relationship. It portrays a missing connection and differing emotional connection levels between them. The music video truly makes this song come to life.  Packed with airplanes, large stretches of land and beautiful outfits flowing in the wind – this video is truly exhilarating. Kristin Barlowe, director for the video, truly did an amazing job of translating the song into a visually exciting, cinematic experience.


As the video begins, Kelsea Ballerini Includes a voiceover to accent the story the video is trying to portray, “He always had to feel the rush, the heartbeat, the speed. He had a passion for things he knew could hurt him, but he never stayed long enough to get hurt. Sometimes, I guess he found that feeling with me. And the other times, he found it being lost.” It moves on to show an attractive daredevil who tests his limits. Scenes of Kelsea gracefully singing in a long, wind-blown dress are intertwined with action-packed storyline scenes of the daredevil in a plane zipping through the clouds. This video is certainly worth the watch. 

Brad Paisley - "Today" Music Video

WARNING: Viewers must have a box of tissues within arms – reach. 


This music video will not only give you all the feels - it will touch you to TEARS. As if his recently released single wasn’t heartfelt and touching enough, Brad Paisley’s music video for “Today” is now producing happy tears worldwide – landing at number two on the Itunes Country Music Video charts. “Today” is a song about the monumental moments of our lives that we will never forget and always hang onto. What makes this video so genuine and authentic is that it is comprised primarily of home videos that show special moments in people’s lives. The video starts out with a baby gender reveal at one of Brad’s concerts. Clips of him playing his guitar on the beach at sunset are intertwined with footage of sport victories, graduations, military homecomings (THESE will get you if nothing else does), prom pictures, and even proposals.


One clip shows a man crying as he watches his bride walk down the aisle. Another is a bride hugging her dad – both are crying. Next thing you know, a kid is being baptized and is ecstatic about it. Then, you’ll see one proposal after another, more baby reveals, and even more military homecomings. If you haven’t started crying in the first ten seconds of this like I did , you are sure to be by the end. This video was extremely well done and certainly deserves its spot on the chart. See for yourself!


 “Because a memory of a day like today can get you through the rest of your life”. – Brad Paisley


Kaitie Wade - "Tail Lights" (Official Music Video)

Directed and filmed by: J Lockhart Media

Written by: Kaitie Wade

Recorded/produced by: AD3 Studios

Kaitie Wade is an upcoming country pop music singer-songwriter, performer, and recording artist originally from Seattle, Washington. In 2012, she made the bold decision to move to Nashville to pursue her lifelong dream. Aside from earning her Bachelor’s degree in vocal performance, the vivacious 22-year-old spent every ounce of her extra time dedicated to music. From writing with other artists to performing in multiple venues, and recording both background and lead vocals in studio. She was Recognized as “Featured Artist of the Month” on Next Star Now, as well as praised for her voice by industry executives. Kaitie Plans to release her Debut EP in spring of 2017! Kaitie wrote, recorded, and released her Debut single – “Tail Lights”, which hit iTunes, Spotify, and the like around March of 2015. The music video for the song was released about a year ago.  The song and video received much positive feedback from fans and industry executives. We had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Kaitie to get a behind-the-scenes look.


Kaitie describes her song as, A dynamic, powerful, and driving country-pop ballad about the process of losing something you never thought possible. It puts into words the questions we have going through a heartbreak, as well as the eventual acceptance of moving forward. I wrote this song during a very unexpected and painful breakup after falling in love for the first time. It’s actually crazy how quickly the song came together.” We then asked her the story behind the music video. She laughed and said,


Well, since I was broke as a joke, I put together a kickstarter campaign so that I could fund the video. I was amazed and incredibly overwhelmed by the financial support that I received, and am so happy with the way it turned out! Filming it was an absolute BLAST. Everything you see in this video, besides the guy in it, is an accurate depiction of what really happened. Like, the part where I get out of the car and he drives away is literally what happened when we broke up, so it was so fun recreating it to give viewers a picture and story behind the audio.” 


This music video is definitely worth watching. I love the raw emotion behind it as well as the underlying story behind it. The way the video builds as it goes on makes the emotion behind it that much more real. With a phenomenal talent, captivating persona, and unbreakable determination, there is no question that Kaitie Wade is well on her way to making her dreams a reality.

Thomas Rhett's "Vacation"

If you’re looking for the perfect summer vacation anthem, look no more! The music video for Thomas Rhett’s single “Vacation” from his latest album Tangled Up is everything that a summer vacation should be; fun and crazy. The music video, which was shot during Rhett’s actual Hawaii vacation, features snorkeling, beaches, skydiving and cliff jumping. This song is all about letting loose and having fun, whether you’re at a Motel 6 or Turks and Caicos (as mentioned in the lyrics)!

The music video features his wife Lauren, as well as some friends enjoying their time in paradise. You also see a lot of cool GoPro action as they capture their own vacation memories. I love the realness of this music video; nothing is planned and you can see everyone having a great time and letting loose. Not to mention, the beautiful views aren’t too bad either! This song will have you wishing you were sipping pina coladas on a beach in Hawaii (or anywhere)!

ription here

Dierks Bentley's Short Story Films

Dierks Bentley has been a country favorite since his debut album, What Was I Thinking in 2003. Since then, he’s had 14 No. 1 hits and numerous music videos. His newest album Black was released in May along with an impressive 4-part short film installment. Through songs on his album, Dierks Bentley tells a story which is depicted in his music videos.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Dierks Bentley to do something like this, but I am so glad he did. The short films are dark, mysterious, and the perfect amount of risqué. They are also told in black and white, incorporating the album’s theme of black. The first episode, “I’ll Be the Moon” starts off with the back-story. A woman is unhappy in her relationship and has an affair with another man. Episode #2 “What the Hell Did I Say,” shows the woman’s secret lover out on the town and drunkenly trying to get a hold of her. “Pick Up”, the third episode, takes us through the pain of her boyfriend discovering her affair. The 4th episode, “Black” features the woman and her secret lover together again, but ends with a twist. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, so I’ll leave it at that!

I was really impressed with these music videos and how well the story flowed. The short films being in black and white really add to the dramatic and mysterious affects of the story. If you haven’t already, take the time to check out the short films on VEVO.

Old Dominion’s “Snapback”

I had never heard “Snapback” by Old Dominion before I decided to dive into the music video, and I have to admit that I went into it a little skeptical. I thought to myself “This is either going to go really well, or really badly.” I was pleased to find out that not only did I love the song, but I loved the video too! Old Dominion brings a unique vibe to country music that I don’t think the genre has ever seen before, and the video for “Snapback” is about as far from country stereotypes as you can get. I would venture to say that if you were watching without your speakers on, you’d have no idea it was a country song!


The best way I can describe this video is that it’s very “California.” Palm trees and sunshine decorate the background as teenagers skateboard around in an empty swimming pool, with the band performing in the center of it all. The camera follows the main girl in the video to a house, right into the heart of an Old Dominion house party. Disco balls, smokin’ hot ladies, great tunes, what more could you ask for? What I love the most about this video is honestly how different the theme is. I never would’ve thought to pair that Cali skater environment with country music, but the song’s country-pop blend brings it all together in a believable and cool way. It was so interesting to take a look at a culture that I’m not familiar with, while enjoying an awesome country tune! If you’re confused and have no idea what the hell I’ve been talking about this whole time, go check out this video!

Home Free’s Cover of “Friends In Low Places”

If there’s anything we’ve learned from movies like Pitch Perfect or artists like Pentatonix, it’s that America LOVES a good a cappella group. There’s something about their tight harmonies and rhythms that’s absolutely mind-blowing. You’re never quite sure if it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever heard or the dorkiest, but every now and then a group comes along that makes you go “Wow, THAT is cool!” Those were my exact words when I heard country a cappella group Home Free.


You may have first heard of these 5 guys on NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” but they’re actually big YouTube stars, with over 300,000 subscribers and 69 million views on their videos! Their newest video is a cover of the hit Garth Brooks tune, “Friends In Low Places.” The video follows exactly how I would have expected Garth to do it. It starts off with a sad demeanor, as the boys are sitting on a couch singing. Everything then begins to shift, and I couldn’t help but crack a smile as someone enters the room wearing a shirt that says “Let’s get weird.” From then on, it’s all drinks, sun, and fun on the beach. This a cappella take on a classic country tune will be sure to leave you smiling and ready to have a good time.

The Cains - "Journey's End"

The Cains are a country music trio comprised of Taylor, Madison, and Logan Cain two sisters and a brother from Hartselle, AL. Their self-titled EP was released last week (July 21) and features songs co-written by the three siblings, as well as Jaida Dreyer, Stephony Smith, Billy Lawson, Ed Hill, Becki Devries and Dave Thompson. The Cains also recently made their mark on the UK Country Music scene this past March at the Country to Country (C2C) festival in London. The group was so well received they were invited to return as the opening act for Sasha McVeigh's "I Stand Alone" UK Tour this September  with several performances booked including: Glasgow, Oxford, Manchester, and London."Journey's End" showcases the group's vocal harmonies and impressive musicianship, and the camaraderie between the siblings will make anyone want to be a part of the Cain family. The video is filled with memories from the groups childhood including home vides, and seeing them grow up together is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. The single has been receiving amazing support at radio and is currently running on Sirius XM's The Highway's "On the Horizon" as

Temecula Road's Cover of Underwood's, "Heartbeat"

This teen Country trio have been named one of The Huffington Post’s 20 country artists to watch in 2016, having already racked up 65,000 views on 4 Youtube videos in 8 months! The California natives' newest video is a fantastic rendition of Carrie Underwood’s “Heartbeat.” This cover takes a delicate, more calm direction than Carrie’s. Smooth, soft vocals accent delicate, acoustic guitar in the verses, followed by big, powerful choruses. If you enjoy groups like Little Big Town, you will love Temecula Road's harmonies; they sync up perfectly with each other, and make an awesome song even better. You can check out Temecula Road’s cover of “Heartbeat” HERE. Like what you hear? Take a listen to their original tune, “Paper Or Plastic,” HERE. Keep up with Temecula Road and their music at their website, HERE.

JD Shelburne - "Hometown"

This new video from JD Shelburne that chronicles his small town upbringing, and how he hopes it endures for future generations. Shelburne is currently on tour and has performed at over 500 festivals and 1000 clubs in his career opening for national acts such as Kenny Chesney and Steve Miller Band. He has appeared at NCAA, NASCAR, and NBA events, the SEC Basketball Tournament and twice at the Kentucky Derby where he was interviewed by the David Letterman Show (2014.) He has two independent album releases since 2008 and has accumulated over 14k Facebook fans and his website has garnered over 1 million hits since it launched in 2005. 

LOCASH - "I Love This Life"

"I Love This Life" is an upbeat, energetic, rocking song that pays tribute to the simple joys of country life. The video recently premiered on CMT, and features the duo performing in front of massive crowds of cheering fans spliced together with scenes of them driving down country back roads, shots of their hometown, and the duo hanging out in the beautiful red rockbeds of Colorado.  The single from the Reviver Records Duo debuted at #1 on Sirius XM "The Highway" in its opening week, is currently *34 on the Billboard Country Monitored Chart, and has already sold over 79,000 units on iTunes. They are currently in the running for a CMA Award for Vocal Duo of the Year, and have been making waves selling out concerts touring across the country. I've included a streaming link of the video, and an embed code as

Jimmy Charles - "Superman"

"Superman" is a touching video that goes into the struggles of those fighting the battle against cancer. The song was written to help save and inspire so many people who are going through this horrible disease. Many of us think we are invincible and Cancer is something that can only happen to others, but we need to be aware that "No One's Superman." September is also Prostate Cancer awareness month, and if treated early on Prostate Cancer patients have a near 100% survival rate. The video is also sponsored by the ZEROCancer campaign ( and half of the proceeds from iTunes sales will go towards the charity. Help spread the word and share this video. It could save a life.

Kasey Musgraves - "Biscuits"

Kacey Musgraves debuts her new music video for "Biscuits," bringing her notorious quirky western style into the mix, literally. The female country singer has everything from puppets to variety show like dancers, giving a very colorful display. 

Mikel Knight - "We Don't Give A Truck"

Mikel has been called the Country Rap King by fans and peers alike, being one of the first artists to cross the two genres. The video is a fun party anthem for anyone that's ready to shake off the work week and it comes from Mikel's most recent album "Urban Cowboy." Mikel's brand of country and rap gives his music a unique sound and makes him popular in dance clubs across the country


Olivia Lane - "You Part 2"

The video is a fun, party themed concept about a girl that's not giving her old flame a second chance. Olivia is an incredibly talented young girl and we're excited to see what she does next. 

Mitchell Tenpenny - "Cane's Creek

Mitchell is an artist with a compelling story. Though he grew up with a grandmother that worked in the music industry (an executive at Sony/ATV), Mitchell's first passion was sports. Discovering a love for music while playing football at MTSU, Mitchell has been pursuing a career in country music ever since. After the breakthrough success of his first single "Black Crow," he's returning with his second with a more traditional vibe. In "Cane's Creek" Mitchell was fortunate enough to play with the Steel Drivers, who are coming off of a successful record release of their own. The song and video have a down home, classic country feel.

Amy Wilcox - "Summer In Slow Motion"

 Amy grew up in Arlington, Virginia and originally moved to Nashville to play division one soccer for Vanderbilt. As she worked her way through college, Amy decided to peruse music as her career and has been growing as a songwriter ever since. Her newest single "Summer in Slow Motion" was written by her, Lisa Goe, and Jordan Schmidt. The video is a fun, party themed piece about kicking back with friends.


Lee Brice - "That Don't Sound Like You"

"That Don't Sound Like You" is the third single from Lee Brice's latest album, I Don't Dance. The album has already produced two number one singles in "Drinking Class" and the title track, "I Don't Dance" which Lee wrote as the first dance for his own wedding. (Lee Brice, YouTube)

Lucas Hoge - "Flip Flops"

Music Video by Lucas Hoge performing Flip Flops
© 2014 Animal House Music Group / Reviver Records LLC

Katie Armiger - "Safe"

To give thanks for first responders in your area, use #ProjectFeelSafe on your social media sites. To learn more and hear firsthand stories from first responders across our nation, please visit

Stephanie Quayle - "Sugar High"

Stephanie Quayle shares the official music video for her song "Sugar High." The video was produced by April Dace and Directed by Will Holland and David Ogle for Dace + Mohr Productions. 

Morgan Riley - "Rowdy Shoutin' Cowboys"

Morgan Riley's New Single "Rowdy Shoutin' Cowboys" is the 1st Female Country Rap Dance Song and Video. It's available on iTunes, CD Baby, and all other web outlets! Visit for more info.
© 2014 SkyTone Entertainmment, LLC

Lumberjack - "Hey Brother" (Avicii cover)

Instagram: @Lumberjack_ve
Twitter: @Lumberjack_ve
Facebook: Lumberjack VE
Soundcloud: Lumberjack_ve

April Kry - "Beauty Queen"

Music video by April Kry performing "Beauty Queen." Download for " Beauty Queen" available now:iTunes :  


Ashley Barron - "It Might Get Loud" (Acoustic)

P&C 2014 Barron Music, LLC
Raw Acoustic Performance
Directed & produced by Nancy Heath 
Penguin Video Productions LLC

Carrie Underwood & Miranda Lambert - "Somethin' Bad" (Behind the Scenes)

Music video by Miranda Lambert with Carrie Underwood performing Somethin' Bad (duet with Carrie Underwood) - Studio Behind The Scenes.

(C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment

Jiggley Jones - "Walk On Me"

Copyright 2014 Lamon Records

Director: Josh Moody, Producer: Dave Moody

Hicks - "Hayride"

They shot this video in -3ºF. That's true dedication to your art! 

Matt Williams, feat. alyssa Morrissey - "Make Love Tonight"

COPYRIGHT 2014 MTS Records

Marshall Dane - "Alcohol Abuse"

The second single from the album One of These Days. 

Julie Roberts - "Good Wine & Bad Decisions"

This is the first official music video from the full length album "Good Wine & Bad Decisions" by Julie Roberts.

Outshyne - "Moonlight Crush"

Formed in 2007 in Southern Carolina, Outshyne was a bunch of friends playing together after work. They went pro in 2010, touring 150+ dates a year and have been rising to the top since. Their current single "Moonlight Crush" is at #3 on The Highway and is working its way to #1!

Kayla Adams - "Sober & Sorry"

Directed by Yarrow Kraner. Location: Whitefish, MT.
© 2014 SSM Entertainment

Amy Rose - "Country Crazy"

c. 2014, MTS Records.

Available for purchase on iTunes.

Chasin' Crazy - "That's How We Do Summertime"

Debut video and single from newcomers Chasin' Crazy.

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