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Ariana Grande Became the President in The Official Music Video for "Positions" 

 Ariana Grande stepped in for our commander in chief in the official music video for her most recent release, "Positions." The video is the perfect visual to go along with the single about the flexibility she takes on in relationships - she is placed as the President of the United States and shows her day-to-day life in the White House.  

     The video begins with the scene set at the White House - the camera zones in on Grande holding a press conference, and then to a scene of her taking notes in the Oval Office. Then, as she sings her lyrics detailing the versatility she wants to take on in commitment to making her relationship work, she is shown tossing dough in a kitchen, covered in flour. She then returns to her seat in the Oval Office, and more scenes of her walking through the hallways leading her team of secret service follow. Towards the end, she is shown putting a medal on a United States Postal Service official and posing for pictures. The video closes with a clip of her walking her dogs on a snow-covered White House Lawn. 

     "Positions" is Grande's first release since she dropped her Thank U, Next album in 2019. It came after she teased fans on her Instagram two days ahead of her release by posting an announcement of her newest album's release date, a week after "Positions" release. The video was directed by Dave Myers, and serves as a powerful accompaniment to her sentiment. You can watch it here: and be sure to stay tuned for her album's release on October 30th. 

Videos Releases & Reviews:

Kalsey Kulyk - "Damn You Love"

You probably remember Kalsey Kulyk from a few of her videos from earlier this year such as "More Time" and "Bad Liar." The Canadian artist has just released another new video from her self-titled album when was released last August. The music video was released on CMT as part of their Artist Discovery program, and Kalsey had the following to say in an interview with CMT for the premiere, "The day we shot ‘Damn You Love,’ I remember being so grateful! It was like, ’Wow, how do I get to do this for a living?! Create music to connect with people and have CMT support it?!’ It definitely was a dream come true shooting that day because I got to make a music video for one of my favorite songs on the record that was also written with two of my favorite writers in town, Liz Rose and Phil Barton. Grateful would be the key feeling to that day.”

The Ultimate Father & Son Video

Dierks Bentley continues his streak of absolutely stunning music videos which add to the already outstanding songs. Dierks already had a pretty great video for his song "Living", but damn did he step up the bar with this one.

Basically, the video follows Dierks and his son throughout a day together, showing how much fun a father and son can have while also making all of us wish we grew up with Dierks as our Dad. It starts with his son waking him up early, leaving toys out for him to step on, and then right when he's about to make his morning coffee, banging on the drums to wake up anyone within a mile radius. Dierks finally just gives in and starts having fun too; there are some awesome shots of them playing with nerf guns, going to the waterpark, and hanging out at the arcade. His son, Knox Bentley, also spends the day showing off his skills with the ladies, first at the ice cream shop, and then by giving a giant teddy bear to a girl (he's smoother than Danny Zuko and Ferris Bueller combined).

If you've read this far, congratulations. Now, watch the video. Seriously. Right now.

Look What God Gave Her

Everyone knows Thomas Rhett for his music and especially for making every other man in the world look bad (you can't sing like an angel, be an amazing husband and father, and just be an awesome human being too; it's not fair). Well, he's doing it again with his new tune "Look What God Gave Her".

This song has already been called a certified bop by Crank It Country after he played it on his debut of SNL, and he took it to a whole new level with this video. You can see Rhett performing the song on a weird set that is filled with soft, warm colors, which just adds to the lovey-dovey-ness of the song (yes, lovey-dovey-ness is a word). Throughout the video, his wife and kids can also be spotted, because he hasn't rubbed his perfect family in our face enough??? He also spotlights several other strong females including the founder of Love One, the women of Thistle Farms, and the artist who did the artwork for the single cover. Look, Thomas, we get it, you're perfect. You win. Now, could you tone it down a bit so you don't make the rest of us guys look so bad? 

If you want to smile at an amazing family having fun together with a great tune playing for them, then give this video a view.

Boyband And A Man

Well, it looks like that little dip into country left one of the Backstreet Boys wanting to do more with the genre! AJ Mclean's newest music video for "Boy And A Man" is a heartwarming love story that you just have to watch! 

It begins with AJ dressed as an old man (which if I had to nitpick, just looks super weird but oh well), sitting in his rocking chair and holding a stuffed animal rabbit. Soon we can see the reflections of his life as he watches his younger self fishing and goofing around with a young girl, who he gives the stuffed rabbit too. Next, we watch the two become more than friends, at prom of all places. The video jumps to their wedding, where AJ Mclean's real-life wife, Rochelle, makes an appearance. Then, we can see the two, still together when they are older, and everything seems good in the world. Now, this is where they rip your heart out, the wife dies just like in the movie Up and let me tell you, it's just as sad this time around - to make it even worse, she gives the rabbit back to her husband right before she passes (did you hear that, that's the sound of my heart deflating). The video wraps up with the man alone, but happy with how his life turned out.

To conclude, this video will take you through more emotions than a 4-minute video should be able to, but it is definitely worth it. Great song, AMAZING video, and definitely deserves a watch.

How Does It Feel?

Well, this video has a lot of great stuff going for it, but the best part has got to be the very beginning. It opens with Jenna making a video for social media and she's got everything right for the gram - beautiful sunset in the background, perfect makeup, and falling on her a$$. She came up laughing so it doesn't seem like she was hurt, Stuart definitely got a kick out of it though.

"Feels Like That" is really interesting in that there isn't a story going on, it's just Jenna and Stuart singing in different locations. This simplistic choice could've been made for hundreds of reasons, but it works because the sheer beauty of where they are simply makes you "feel like that". Also, they shot the entire thing with an iPhone! That has nothing to do with the song, it's just super cool! You think your iPhone skills are as good as the Reklaws?

Take the Money, I'll Take the Country

Let me ask y'all somethin'... You like cars, whiskey, bonfires, and country-rock music? If you checked yes, then boy do I have the perfect music video for you to check out. LYRX's "Take the Money" video expertly displays her as an outlaw rocker with just a splash of country.

This masterpiece basically serves as a middle finger to city life. LYRX calls out those people who look down on country living as second class and tells them to mind their business because it's perfect out here. LYRX stars as a mechanic fixing up a gorgeous Bentley for a couple of city slickers, and then showing them how people party in the boondocks - around the fire with some good whiskey. The best part is how LYRX uses this to set herself apart from everyone else as a rebellious rockstar that shouldn't be messed with.

If you listen to us once in your life, it should be when we tell you to check out this video!

Ryan Hurd - "To a T"

Ryan Hurd just released his video for "To a T" and it is just as sweet and wholesome as the song itself. The video follows multiple couples some young, some old, some married, some expecting, all adorably in love (you know that kind that feels like they are showing off?). We also get some nice shots of Ryan singing while shirtless, which ain't anything to complain about. And if you watch closely, you can catch a glimpse of Hurd's wife Maren Morris.

It's a love story extraordinaire that pairs perfectly with the song, like a nice red wine and a ribeye. Seeing these sweet couples in love will make you grin ear to ear, even if you are about to burst with jealousy. It's like someone else's dog, you can't help but smile, but you also want to keep the dog for yourself.


I highly recommend grabbing your girl, guy, boo, or whatever you call that special someone and crank out to this video with them! 

The Love of a Dog is Unending

Well, the search is over... The Edgar Cut for Brett Eldredge's "Love Someone" is by far, the greatest music video of all time - and I doubt it will ever lose that title.

I'm sure y'all have heard the song by now. At first listen, it sounds like a really great and sweet love song about an amazing girl. The fast paced beat and Eldredge's vocals make you sing along, but they actually make you feel good about loving someone. Basically, the song is outstanding and gets me groovin' along every time. Now that you know the song, I'm guessing your picturing the music video. Let me guess, a guy and girl going on picnics, swimming, driving in a truck, looking at the stars, etc.? WRONG! This video is all about the love between Brett and his dog Edgar.

The video is all a dream of the dog where they eat steaks by candlelight, play fetch, curl up on the couch, and a ton of other hilarious scenarios. The video wraps up with the cutest home videos of Brett and Edgar as a puppy. 

All in all, it's an amazing song, made even better with the best video ever. So, do yourself a favor and watch the video so you can be as happy as I am. 

No one reads history books anyway.

To add to the long list of parties that I have missed in Nashville, Jake Owen's "Down to the Honky Tonk" is a party is that I'll regret missing for a long, long time.

WARNING: Do not watch this video if you can't go to the bar tonight, because after viewing, you'll do anything to get there. This video follows Jake strolling through famous Lower Broadway with a full-on party in tow. He visits some well-known watering holes like Tootsie's and Honky Tonk Central (I wonder if he had to wait in line before getting in?). Throughout the video Jake has several different flamboyant outfits that he wears while performing on stage, on the bar (always wanted to do that), and in the street, all while having the time of his life. This ultimate party vibe that the video gives is perfect for the song which is all about how he may not go down in history, but he can be on top of the world down at the honky tonk. 


I don't care who you are or what mood you're in, there is no possible way that you could watch this video or listen to the song and not immediately want to go "Down to the Honky Tonk". So, watch the video and I'll meet y'all at the bar at 5. 

It's not you, its me...

Have you ever been in the middle of a horrible break up and thought "I wish I could video this for millions of people to see"? No? Well, some people definitely wanted to do just that for Brad Paisley's new music video of "Bucked Off". Brad had previously asked his fans to send in videos of their break ups so that he could use them in a music video, and the results are hilarious!

The video starts with a woman breaking up with her man, and she starts to get angry when she realizes he is filming. She tries to take the phone away and we get a glimpse of the man laughingly saying, "Got it!" (I'm going to take a wild guess and say that she cited his maturity as a reason for breaking up). The video then mixes in several rodeo clips and footage from a live concert that Brad did at Tootsie's Bar in Nashville (I missed it because I was with my family, and I don't know if I'll be able to forgive them), as well as several other couples breaking up. Now, you might think that watching relationships end would be sad, but how could I ever be sad while watching a guy get cheese dumped on his head? By the end of the video, several people are understandably upset at Brad for ruining their relationship, but if you're not willing to sacrifice a relationship to be in a music video, are you really a fan?

The song "Bucked Off", if you haven't already heard it, is an upbeat song about the similarities between getting dumped and getting bucked off of an animal at the rodeo (I've gone through both, and I have to say I prefer the animals). Just like any Paisley song, the outstanding guitar work moves the song along and throws you into the experience. Paisley's picking is complimented by the steel guitar and fiddle which round out the sound completely and continue to grab your attention throughout the performance. "Bucked Off" is a fun take on a usually very upsetting scenario, and the music video is one of the funniest and most entertaining videos I've ever seen.


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