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Love And Theft "Whiskey On My Breath"

By Erin Kidd


Overall Album:

Love And Theft’s newest album is creating quite a buzz of anticipation. Crank It Country has the inside scoop, as we were able to get our hands on a copy before the official release! Right off the bat, Love And Theft supplied the listeners with a solid groove, and smooth-yet husky male vocals; sure to make the females flock! The actual album production is really clean, and the duet’s harmonies are on point throughout. The title track “Whiskey On My Breath”, their tasteful ballad, is a perfect example of the boys’ impeccable blend. The album feels complete, providing the listener with chill beach-y vibes like in, “Tan Lines” as well as contemporary sounds like in, “Everybody Drives Drunk”. The album is perfectly relatable to the modern country fan living live and looking for love. The final track leaves us ready to leave all stress behind and let loose with, “Let’s Get Drunk And Make Friends”. This is the next fun drinking song, soon to be in all honky-tonks! A bluesy piano, harmonica and swing feel plays perfectly off of the ‘shake your worries’ –type lyrical content. This entire album is a must-buy and leaves us absolutely loving Love and Theft!

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