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Be "Bewitched" by Grammy Award Winning Artist Laufey

Laufey (pronounced lay-vay), Icelandic-Chinese vocalist, songwriter, producer, and classical instrumentalist, has won the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Her sophomore album Bewitched has taken young audiences by storm - it may seem odd that a jazz album peppered with gorgeous, rich string arrangements that harken back to mid-century pop and sweeping symphonies has taken over US and Global charts alike, but her breakout hit “From The Start” threw her into the spotlight this time last year.

Like many of our newest explosive stars in music, Laufey owes her newfound success to TikTok. “From The Start” blew up on the social media app, making a bossa nova song completely mainstream and radio friendly for the first time in decades. 

Though it may not be an apt label, Laufey’s recently been hailed as a savior of jazz. While her music is inspired by jazz chords and uses influence from jazz icons like Chet Baker, it may be more accurate to describe her music as mid-century pop or bedroom pop/jazz fusion. Her unique style is one that stands all on its own.

Even if she can’t convince the most hardcore and exclusionary jazz heads that she’s part of the club, she’s inspired a new, young audience to learn about the genre. On Bewitched, she sings the jazz standard “Misty”, made famous by the likes of jazz legends Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn - exposure to classics like this is creating a new generation of enthusiasts who want to learn more about the genre. 

Laufey is a graduate of Berklee, a contemporary music conservatory in Boston notorious for churning out phenomenal jazz musicians. She grew up playing classical cello, which she sweeps throughout her album alongside arrangements for full string orchestras. In addition to the cello, she plays the piano in a self-composed nocturne that acts as a mid-point for the album, with her weaving themes from all of the songs into one beautiful sonata. 

Bewitched Album Art

Her strong musicianship and fresh sound have clearly yielded strong results: Laufey is launching her third tour of the US, along with a European tour this upcoming Spring. With a Grammy under her belt, the world can only watch and eagerly wait for her next moves. 

Listen to Bewitched on all streaming platforms, and follow the singer’s social media pages at @laufey . 


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