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Father's Day Dedication: "Daddy Made a Million"

James Robert Webb's most recent single, "Daddy Made a Million" is the perfect song to dedicate to your dad this Father's Day. "Daddy Made a Million" is about the millions of memories that were made in this small family of four. Thinking about Father's Day coming up makes you reminiscence back to the many memories your dad has made for you and your family so why not celebrate this day dedicated to dads with the perfect song. When I listen to this song it makes me think about all of the great sacrifices my father made for our family and how much appreciation I have for my parents. It should do the same for you. One of the great things about James Robert Webb's songs is that they are great family songs. When this song comes on the radio it's guaranteed you don't have to worry about its content around your children. James is a family man himself so creating music that everyone can enjoy is one of his strong suits.

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