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April Kry's "Fireflies"

April Kry's newest single, "Fireflies", is contagious and nostalgic. It's not hard to believe that it's no. 2 on the Top Radio Disney Songs chart. This shimmery track has production big enough to support Kry's mega-pipes, and a banjo reminiscent of her Nashville lifestyle. In addition to the infectious track, the acoustic version of "Fireflies

" on YouTube is just as good. April can play, not just sing! Though she's often compared to Carrie Underwood, Kry has sweetness in her powerful voice, which generates a sound of her own.

Furthermore, "Fireflies" catapults me back to summer nights when love felt comparable to fireflies and shooting stars. I remember when love was as childlike and whimsical as the lyrics, "we carved our names, and we made a pact," and love felt like, "we fooled around in the fields out back… We were fireflies."

Check out April's website HERE

You can find Fireflies on Itunes HERE

See April perform "Fireflies" acoustic on YouTube HERE

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