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Kayla Calabrese's "Give"

Nashville's SMG recording artist, Kayla Calabrese has given us an infectious call to action with her single, "Give." This track shows us that this is a girl who's unafraid to call out our materialistic society, and she does so, singing, "you know when your life is over... it's gonna' matter how you lived." While the song is grounded and down to earth, the melodies are soaring. Calabrese's powerhouse vocals remind me of my favorite childhood singles, like Faith Hill's,"Mississippi Girl," and Shania's, "Up!" Likewise, "Give," is also defined by a powerful voice and down-to-earth lyrics such as, "I won't be measured by the things I've got... 'Cause it isn't what you get... It's what you give."

The Jersey-girl gives us her own remark, “That song optimizes how I view not only my life, but how the world should be.” Calabrese says, “I think if we stop looking at and obsessing over the material things in life, just live for the moment and give back the world would be a much happier place.”

Give "Give" a listen HERE

Check out Calabrese's website HERE

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