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Nikki Briar's, "Free From the Demon"

Nikki Briar’s radio single, “Free From the Demon” wastes no time. Immediately, the listener is launched into a hybrid of twang and rock. The track reminds me of something you’d hear blaring from a bar off Broadway… piercing fiddles and ripping electric guitars.

In “Free From the Demon,” the feisty singer declares her freedom with chanting lyrics like, “I told you, I told you… you wouldn’t win,” “Not so tough when you’re on the ground,” and “there ain’t no pity for a man doing time.” The high energy performer delivers the song just like she does her live performances… aggressive, confident, and as an artist who is truly free. It’s no wonder she’s opened for the likes of Tim McGraw, Parmalee, LoCash, Blackjack Billy, Billy Currington, and more.

To check out Nikki Briar CLICK HERE

To hear and download “Free From the Demon,” CLICK HERE

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