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Bobby Wills', "Crazy Enough"

Bobby Wills’ “Crazy Enough” is a boisterous and twangy pop country EP, though it has obviously been influenced by an appreciation for traditional country. The EP begins with an outgoing track, “Never Didn’t Love You.”

The Music Row acclaimed, title track, “Crazy Enough,” is filled with rocking electric guitars and capped off with lyrics like, “If you think about calling my bluff... I ain’t always been crazy- just crazy enough.”

The compelling EP reminds me of Randy Houser, but with Wills’ Canadian twist. My favorite track, “Still Something There,” perfectly paints a picture of a long lost relationship, and the ghost of those experiences. The driving song launches off with the powerful lyrics, “I never wake up wonderin’ if I called her name out in my sleep. I never go out of my way so I can drive down her old street. But I know there’s always gonna’ be some little tug inside of me.” The song grapples with residual feelings, and the reality that nothing real ever truly dies.

“Crazy Enough” ends with a sentimental and vulnerable track, “With You.” The rhyming and acoustic guitar builds into a slow rocking, that is irresistible to sway to.

Check out Bobby Wills’ “Crazy Enough” HERE

Head over to Bobby’s site HERE

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