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Rob Carona's "Drive"

Rob Carona’s “Drive” is another contagious pop country track. “Drive,” the title track off his recent EP release, is a catchy tune about taking life’s “red lights” like a drive. The singer songwriter has made himself a name for his soulful voice and commitment to producing “real” lyrics. However, Rob Carona goes way beyond simply having this core value. In fact, the artist is donating 40% of his EP proceeds to Veteran and Wounded Solider Organizations.

This song is encouraging and empowering, just as Carona’s persona is, with lyrics like, “put the pedal to the metal, and rubber to the road, and find out just what you’re made of. ... Even if you gotta do it with one headlight, don’t you ever look back... and drive.” The smooth background vocals just add to the easy listening that is “Drive.”

Listen to “Drive” and learn more about Rob Carona HERE

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