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Callie Twisselman's "Hung Me On A Line"

The Sugar Cube Record's artist, Callie Twisselman, has released a vibrant, bluegrass-country track titled, "Hung Me On A Line." The song showcases Callie's sweet and magnetic voice, and is catchier than you may initially realize. You'll find yourself singing the chorus, nonstop, for days after listening to Callie's single.

The production uses that classic bluegrass plucking and fiddle, which gives us the foot tapping "Hung Me On a Line." Callie's unique vibrato distinguishes the song from other tunes of its kind, and beyond the bluegrass sound, electric guitars dance around the track, which shows how versatile and transitional Callie's voice really is. My favorite lyric is about being "hung on the line"... "He didn't say where he was going, But I knew what it all meant. And now I'm starting to feel like I shouldn't hold my breath." Be sure to grab "Hung Me On A Line" on iTunes, HERE. Check out Callie Twisselman, HERE.

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