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Eric Church's "Mr. Misunderstood"

Eric Church’s newly released “Mr. Misunderstood”, is an unexpected roller coaster that’s his own blend of rock and country, and truly hard to understand. The track is seemingly multi-genre, multi-tempo, and completely undefined... Just like Eric. The first verse is undeniably Eric Church: nostalgic, relatable, and raw with lyrics like, “Hey there, weird kid in your high-top shoes, sitting in the back of the class. I was just like you. Always left out, never fit in, owning that path you’re walking in… Mr. Misunderstood.”

The pre-chorus soars with hopeful lyrics like, “one day you’ll lead the charge, you’ll lead the band… And the girls will like your tattoos and the veins in your arms... They’ll be helpless to your musical charms.” Church is unapologetically vain, rough round the edges, and yet somehow, ultra-relatable. To keep up with the musical twists this song takes, you’ll need to hang on tight. The production booms through an unexpected chorus, and the tempo refuses fit into formula.

If you make it through the chaotic production, tempo changes, and twisting story lines, you’ll dig out brilliant lines like, “I tried to file my points, sand my edges, and I just grew out my hair,” and find your new art obsession, Jackson Pollock. To bring “Mr. Misunderstood” full circle, Eric finishes the song with his opening line, “Hey there, weird kid in your high-top shoes, sitting in the back of the class… I was just like you.”

Check out Eric's album release on iTunes HERE, & head over to Eric's website HERE.

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