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Nick Hickman's "Summertime Southern Style"

Country musician and songwriter, Nick Hickman's, single release, "Summertime Southern Style," is the perfect infectious, summer track. The track is made contagious by its high energy production, fun background vocals, and catchy lyrics. "Summertime Southern Style" producer, Colin Brittain (known for producing 5 Seconds of Summer and Sonia Leigh), created a track that weaves Nick seamlessly into country's current landscape of party songs, cute guys, and songs that stick in your head.

The single begins with melodious electric guitar, and leads into Nick singing about the girl on his mind, "She had Hollywood style, and summer skin - a drop dead beauty, California 10." The chorus of "Summertime Southern Style" makes for the ultimate candidate for the next song-of-the-summer, with lyrics like, "Fire it up into four-wheel drive, just a little gas to make it last all night. A little sundress, a little moonshine, a little starlight makes a good time. We can go fast, or we can do it slow... You can be the girl in the song on the radio."

Check out Nick Hickman HERE

Listen to "Summertime Southern Style" HERE

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