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Risa Binder’s “Nashville”

Risa Binder’s EP, "Nashville," straight up feels like home. In five songs, and just seventeen minutes of play, you can take out your headphones and feel as though you personally know Risa. You can tell just how much time, and heart was poured into this album. This album is filled with lyrics of pain, hope, growth, and everything in between, connecting every listener to her words with his or her own personal story.

Of all the tracks on the EP, the title track “Nashville” especially speaks to the dreamer and believer in all of us. With lyrics such as “Someone left the light on for me in Nashville, even though nobody’s home. Going to open up the door tonight in Nashville, and step into the great unknown”, you can’t help but be inspired. Lyrics like, “I’ll meet total strangers, who will put this song together; it took every penny saved to get it done,” flood your ears and remind you of your personal dreams. “Nashville” illustrates the endless hours of work and sleepless nights that go into making it big in this crazy town.

As far as Risa’s voice goes, girl’s got range... I’m talking, "hits the high notes and hits them well" range. There’s something comforting about her voice... Something that makes her words feel like home. Binder’s voice sounds like how a picnic on a warm day feels. She’s got a classic sound that’s refreshing, no matter the type of song she’s singing.

For more on Risa Binder, check out her site HERE.

If you’re looking for seventeen solid minutes of "feels," check out the rest of "Nashville" HERE.

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