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Tucker's "#Country"

“Simple. Honest. Like the man, and his music.” There is no better way to describe country newcomer, Tucker, and his new album, “#Country.” Like a best-selling author would, Tucker addresses complex matters and lifestyles in a way that anyone can understand. Each track travels a different road, telling a new and unique story. Whether its story is heartbreak or back road anthems, listeners will be able to find something that hits close to home.

Tucker hits the ground running hard, from the start, with the title track “#Country,” which is essentially the perfect “tweet” to describe the country lifestyle. The verses give a vivid description of what life is like out in the country, and the chorus is a rally cry, which everyone can get behind. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies, “Burn,” a slow, gut-wrenching ballad about drowning one’s sorrows in fire-water. You can almost picture Tucker: sitting in a chair, drinking the memories of his past love away with whiskey, as everything is burning down around him.

Be sure to check out the other tracks on “#Country”, such as “What I Can Change?” a social commentary that shows us changing the world starts with changing ourselves. Watch Tucker’s music video for “#Country” HERE.

Get to know Tucker and his music better, through his website HERE.

Check out his album “#Country” on iTunes HERE.


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