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Mo Pitney - "Behind This Guitar"

Many classic country supporters are on cloud nine for rising neotraditional country singer, Mo Pitney. A 23-year old from Illinois, Pitney is most well- known for his single, “Country”, released in 2014. This song hit the charts at number 34. After a long period of waiting, Mo finally released his new full length record – “Behind This Guitar”. The title track is very personable, genuine, and authentic. The funny part is that Mo was not one of the writers listed on this song. Somehow, songwriters Casey Beathard, Don Sampson and Phil O’Donnell, hit the nail on the head. Mo explains how we grew up behind his guitar – which occurred from his big dream to be a country artist. Mo also has a very faith-driven, humble approach to his stardom, and certainly gives credit where credit is due.

Well, I’ve always said that I’ve been blessed

Why me is anybody’s guess

Well, I don’t know

But I’m well aware the man upstairs could have answered any other’s prayers

And let mine go

But thanks to Him, my family, friends, and those that got me where I am

(You know who you are)

And with that in mind the truth is I’m not the only one

Behind this guitar

“Boy and a Girl Thing”, another one of the tracks, has a very relaxed and calming feel, painted with multiple harmonies by Lee Anne Womack. “Just a Dog” has a very interesting concept. The song follows an interesting storyline about a dog who becomes a man’s best friend. It is very clear that much intentionality, thought, and time were put behind this album. Both lyrically and melodically, Mo Pitney gracefully exhibits intelligence and hard work behind his craft. This album has a huge potential to top the charts, if it is marketed toward both kinds of country music lovers – traditional, and contemporary. I feel that each type of country lover will start to gain a huge appreciation for the other. I highly recommend giving this a good listen - you won't be sorry!

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