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Nashville's Food and Arts Culture is TOP NOTCH in the Nation

Everyone knows Nashvegas as a big hub for loud country music. When people think of Nashville, visions of neon lights on Broadway and honkey tonks galore race through their heads. While Nashville definitely prides itself on this image that made it the community it is today, the city has grown to offer so much more in the realm of arts and culture than just this singular idea.

On Wednesday, I had the privilege to attend the Music City Food + Wine lunch that was hosted at Gray & Dudley's inside of the 21c Museum Hotel in Nashville. This was a great way to experience all of the different culture that Nashville has to offer. Most of the people that I chatted with there were not in the business of country music at all. I met several people in the business of craft beer (a booming business in Nashville), food writers, visual artists and art critics, and even a guy who get's paid to go to amusement parks and write about the rides (seriously, how do i get into that business??).

The location of the event was the prime place to display the depth of Nashville's culture. Gray & Dudley's, being a hip new location (just opening it's doors on April 25th) inside of a hotel that doubles as an art museum, showcased a lot of what Nashville has to offer that most people don't think about.

The head chef of Gray & Dudley's, Levon Wallace, responsible for making the event come together, gave a lovely speech to promote the idea of Nashville's rich and growing culture. He spoke on the idea of Nashville as "a food community, a music community, and a community of love". Attending this event gave me a lot of pride in the city that I am so fortunate to call my home. There are just so many cool things going on here all of the time, it's impossible to get bored. If you're a resident Nashvillian, I encourage you to get out and explore everything that your wonderful city has to offer. If you are elsewhere, get to making travel plans and booking a hotel so that you can experience this city and it's rich culture as soon as possible!

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