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Levi Hummon Performs an Electrifying Set at the High Watt!!!

Born and raised in Nashville, Levi Hummon returned to his hometown on Tuesday, the 16th, to play his first show here in over a year! And what a show it was.

Although he grew up in Nashville with his Grammy-winning songwriter father, Marcus Hummon, Levi wasn't always sold on the idea of playing music for a living. Instead, he chose to pursue a different medium of expression (painting) and left Tennessee to study visual arts at Eckerd College in Florida. After getting dumped and "feeling it", Levi began to express himself via songwriting. Accepting the songwriting talent that had been in his DNA all along, Levi transferred to Belmont University back in Nashville to hone his craft. After less then six months in Belmont's songwriting program, Levi signed a publishing deal with songwriting giant, Desmond Child ("Livin' on a Prayer", "Dude Looks Like a Lady"). Since then, he has been pursuing music full-time, playing shows with Kelsea Ballerini, Billy Currington, Hunter Hayes, Sam Hunt and Kip Moore.

Friends and family of Levi and lovers of good music packed the High Watt for the sold out show that captivated everyone in the room. The first song he played was an upbeat and rockin' tune, setting the tone for an incredibly entertaining evening. He came out with such immediate passion and energy, everyone in the crowd was instantly hooked. Starting off on a high note, they never came back down! Levi and his incredibly talented band were on fire the whole night, only getting better and better together the longer the show went on!

Even though Levi is a country artist, he grew up listening mainly to pop and rock. This was evident in his performance because it really didn't feel like a country show. There was something different about it rather than just the typical Nashville country show. To me, they commanded energy, tones, and powerful vocals similar to that of 80s stadium rock (now all they need is a stadium to headline!)

Although most of the show was a high-energy set with the band, one of the most beautiful moments came when his band, aside from one guitarist, walked offstage so that he could perform an incredibly touching rendition of his song "Make It Love". This song truly showed off his beautiful and impressive vocals as well as his extremely personal song-writing skills. Everyone in the audience fell silent while experiencing this beautiful and intimate moment.

Hopefully it won't be another year before Levi plays another Nashville show! This guy absolutely kills it and is so appreciative of his fans that have made his dreams come true, thanking them with great sincerity throughout the night. If you haven't already, definitely throw this guy into your playlist rotation, you will not regret it!

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