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Lady Antebellum - "Somebody Else's Heart" - Single Review

Ladies and Gentleman, Lady Antebellum is BACK and better than ever! Their newest single, “Somebody Else’s Heart” showcases the good ‘ole Lady A we know and love, while also incorporating new and fresh elements into their style.

“Somebody Else’s Heart” Is the third track released from their soon to be released album, Heart Break. Cowritten by Dave Haywood, Kelley, Scott, busbee and Shane McAnally, this tune is a mid-tempo ballad with driving instrumentation and syncopated rhythms.

The premise of the song is an emphasis on the need for a relief from a tough breakup. With a break up comes many highs, lows, and emotions in between. The writer wants to trade their heart for someone else’s for a night for some sort of relief.

In the first verse, Charles Kelley sings, “I wish I could feel the fallin’ / But someone else could hit the ground / I wanna feel the buzz of getting closer, without the hangover / But I could use another round.”

Then Hilary Scott takes the lead, blending with Kelley in perfect harmony.

So tonight, gonna kiss you with my lips / Gonna hold you in my arms / Throw shadows in the dark / “I’ll let you in against my better judgement / Wishing I could love you, love you, love you / With somebody else’s heart / Somebody else’s heart, somebody else’s heart.”

This song beautifully and effectively showcases both the tension and beauty of love. Lady Antebellum just embarked on their world tour, “You Look Good” on May 26th. Be on the look out for their full album, “Heart Break” coming June 9th!

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