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Check Out Smithfield's Sexy New Single "When You're Gone" (Don't Worry, It&#39

The male/female duo is an iconic partnership in country music. From the early days of Johnny and June duets up to the present day with this more recent pairing of Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder, when a perfect pairing of voices and personalities come together, something magical happens.

Smithfield is a rising country duo out of Texas. Trey and Jennifer were just childhood friends until one Thanksgiving dinner when Trey's cousin mentioned to Jennifer that the two of them should start singing together. Trey messaged her on Facebook to schedule a jam sesh, and now they're in Nashville tearing up the scene in pursuit of the country music dream.

Since their debut 8 song EP came out in 2015, fans have been eagerly awaiting for music from this exciting pair. The wait is over with the release of their latest intoxicating (or maybe intoxicated?) single "When You're Gone".

I'm gonna start by saying this song is very different from everything else on country radio and in the best possible way. It steers clear of the standard progressions that get recycled over and over again and instead goes for a jazzier, cooler approach. The lyrics are also different from what you might expect when reading the title. Rather then a sad and sappy tune about missing someone while they're gone, it's about loving someone while they're drinking and in a more carefree mode. It's a brilliant twist that really gives this song a different feel. "You're as fine as the wine that you've been sipping on/When your hairs down and you're dancing around to every song... This drink ain't the only thing that's coming on strong/You get me going when you're gone". The intertwining of Trey and Jennifer's voices makes for a sound that'll truly make you melt when you hear them. The addition of horns turn what would already be a perfect song into probably the most CRANKIN tune of the summer so far! There is no way you can listen to this song without blasting it.

Smithfield has been on the road a lot touring extensively, but if this new single is any indication, they've got some REALLY great new music in the works that we'll hopefully be getting soon! Until then, check out their latest single because it really is something special. GET TO CRANKIN IT!!!

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