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Punctuation... It Saves Lives

Too often we forget our basic rules of grammar and punctuation. We are instilled with them when we are young, but as time progresses, we tend to replace the space in our minds with more useless information. However, I think that these rules of language and phrasing will not soon be forgotten again by country star, Chase Rice, who made a Twitter grammar faux pas over the weekend that left the whole internet laughing and questioning.

The tweet should have been innocent enough. Well, excluding the use of the expletive. "Jamming to Alan Jackson. F$*#kin a man." Tweeted out at 3 am, I imagine that his intentions were only good and pure. Just trying to spread some late night love about Alan Jackson and how taken aback he is by his music. Unfortunately, his poor phrasing lead people to believe he was spreading a little TOO much love.

Half an hour and a barrage of responses from some of his quickest followers was all it took to make Chase realize the errors in his lack of punctuation. He quickly corrected himself but by that time, the Twitter meme and GIF lords were already having a hay day on the singers 37 character conundrum. Here are some of the best responses we found!

Some people really knew how to roll with the punches...

Some thought others were to blame...

And some were maybe a little too excited...

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