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Big City Cowgirl's "We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here" is a Bar Anthem for the Nut in All

Sondra Toscano, or Big City Cowgirl to most, has just released her latest CRANKIN single, "We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here". The song is a celebration for those of us who are a little nuts and are completely okay with that! I'M DEFINITELY HERE FOR THIS! "Come on in, Come on in, you'll fit in, we got all kinds of crazy in here". Listening to this track makes you feel like you've just stumbled into the wildest, most fun, and most accepting bar of all time! Everyone is welcome and everyone is just a little nuts, what could be better! We got to have a little Q&A sesh with Sondra about this new tune and about music in general! Check it out below.

Q: What kind of work do you do and how did you get into Country Music?

A: My “day job” is that of an attorney. My job is fulfilling because I am able to help people work through difficult situations. However, I have always been connected to music. Music has always spoken to my soul. I have been listening to music since birth and writing music since I was in my pre-teens. My mom is a huge country music fan and she was the person who got me interested in country music specifically. I have always listened to all types of music, but country music is the forerunner. I love listening to all kinds of country music on Sirius XM - outlaw country, traditional country, modern country, classic country, and rockabilly. I try to blend a little old and a little new into my songwriting.

Q: Did you write or co-write this song?

A: I have co-written with many people in the past. The songs that I have written in the last two years, though, are solely my own compositions. I wrote “We Got All Kinds Of Crazy Here”, but the song was inspired by my boss, John M. Hunt. He came up with the title. He said it in a different context, but I turned his comment into a bar song. As soon as he said the comment, I said that it sounded like the name of a song, and the song wrote itself within the next week or two. I always collaborate on the productions and I had some great people working with me - Mike, Hillary, and Rob Epstein, Mike Sapienza, and Skip Krevens. I tell them what I am looking for and we work together to get a great production done. I always love when people give me interesting ideas. Input from others is so important and I welcome it.

Q: What kind of crazy are you?

A: Gosh, crazy can mean so many different things to different people - it can be a positive trait or a negative trait. That’s why it lent itself to the title of the song because a bar is filled, on any given night, with so many types of people in their own moods and thoughts with their own ideas of a good time. My days of being wild and uninhibited are gone because of my responsibility to my little girl, my hubby, and my three dogs. And my responsibility to myself and my music. I guess my crazy is my intensity, my hyper and perky personality, and my creativity.

Q: Who do you think is the craziest country music artist out there and why?

A: So when I really think of crazy, I think of out of control behavior where you just do whatever you want, no matter what the consequences, and you don’t care because you are true to yourself. I think that crazy country music artists are a thing of the past - the Merle Haggards, the Waylon Jennings, the Johnny Cash's, and so forth. They were the rebels, the outlaws, the outspoken ones who lived the way they wanted to and made no excuses. I think that country music artists are pretty tame right now. They are, but I wouldn’t use the word crazy to describe any of them.

Well when it comes to crazy (and a lot of things in life), I guess the classic is always the right way to go.

Go check out "We Got All Kinds of Crazy in Here" and accept your invite to one wild and crazy party of a time!

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