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Heather Whitney's New Album is "Moving On" Up to the TOP of our lists!

Y'all... It's time to get your cowboy boots on the dance floor and shut up and dance to this CRANKIN record! Heather Whitney is an emerging artist that comes to us from a tiny ol one stoplight town in Southeast Texas, and she's bringing a whole heck of a lot of musical talent with her!

Heather has a unique sound in the country scene, blending classic country with a 90s country swagger. People have likened her to a Patsy Cline meets the Dixie Chicks kind of sound! Her debut album, Moving On was released just a few months ago, spearheaded by the boot-scooting single "Shut Up and Dance".

Heather's musical past goes all the way back to when she was just a little girl, and her grandpa pushed her up on stage to sing with Johnny Lee. Even though she says she was (understandably) unprepared for that debut, her performance dreams started there.

She's spent the past few months flying back in forth to Nashville and her home in Newton, Texas, writing tunes and working with acclaimed producer and musician, Buddy Hyatt (credits include Lee Greenwood, Randy Travis, Lynn Anderson etc.). The result of all those frequent flyer miles is a nine song country album that is breaking the pop country norm that has become so cemented in the current state of Music Row.

Her classic country roots mixed with her 90s country style makes for an album that is undeniably refreshing to hear right now. You can hear the room it was recorded in and all of the talented live musicians who performed these tracks live in probably one or two perfect takes.

The record kicks off with the perfectly jumpy track "By By Bayou" that cleverly blends dreams of Louisiana with being with the one you love ("I wanna be by by by by bayou"... Like by you... GET IT??) It's a rocking track with an intense solo battle at the end between the piano and guitar, both of whom are UNBELIEVABLY skilled in their craft.

The title track, "Moving On Song" is a feel-good song about getting past a bad relationship. In this tune, Heather takes genuine heartache and turns it into an exciting ballad of empowerment and encouragement.

The lead single "Shut Up and Dance" is one of this summers best and brightest new bops. I challenge anyone in their right mind to try and sit still while jamming this one. Heads up... YOU CAN'T!!!

This whole record feels throwbacky to old school, not in a way that's gimmicky, but in a way that is true to who Heather is as an artist and a person. She's taken her roots and expanded them to prove herself as a force to be reckoned within the country music scene. Looking forward to hearing what's next for her and where she'll be by the end of the year!

Check out her record via the link below and make sure to throw her on all your CRANKIN Summer Playlists!

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