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Jimmy Allen Introduces His Mom and His Natural TV Personality on the Today Show

Jimmy Allen is brand new to country music stardom. He signed with Broken Bow Records in 2017, and released his debut EP in the same year. He has seen quite a bit of success right out off the gate with Broken Bow, and his first official single from the EP “Best Shot”, which hit the billboard country airplay charts 8 months ago, is enjoying a number 10 spot right now and climbing.

He recently appeared on the Today Show’s segment “Guy’s Tell All” along side his mother, Angela, on “bring your parents” day at NBC. He was joined on the segment with the Bachelorette’s Jason Tartic, celebrity trainer and gym owner Don Saladino, and multiple reality show star Bob Guiney. Although Allen is even newer to television appearances than he is to the country airplay chart, his novis status is completely undetectable. As he effortlessly engages in witty repartee with his fellow Today Show guests, who are far more seasoned in the medium of television than he, it becomes quite clear that his rise to stardom is not completely due to his musical talent.

One question is asked to the guest panel, “What if you are on a date and someone who is NOT your date comes up and starts to flirt with you?” to which Jimmy Allen facetiously explains, in the interest of efficiency, that you have an opportunity to “set up your next meal” while you’re still at dinner. This is not at all the only of Allen’s delightful quotes in the segment, and it is fun to watch the similarities he has to his mother. The new star is clearly comfortable under not only the stage spotlight, but in tv studio lights as well, and this Today Show appearance is a must see.

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