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MISSING: One sweet sounding, gorgeous piece of perfection

Y'all, a horrible crime has been committed. Someone stole Chris Janson's custom Fender guitar over the holiday break. C'mon! I mean, a man has two extra appendages and only one can be played with by others, and it ain't his guitar. Chris took to social media to ask for help from fans, followers, and police to locate his guitar. He also spoke directly to the thief saying, "And if by chance the thieves read this post, please know that I forgive, and will accept an apology and a return, with no repercussion."

As we all know, Janson has been a big name in Country Music since 2015 with "Buy Me A Boat", and "Fix A Drink" in 2017. "Drunk Girl" is his current jam, and I have to say it's worth checking out.

We here at Crank It Country wonder if whoever stole the guitar realizes how hard it will be to get away with it. It's not like they stole a generic, stock guitar off a wall, this was a custom-made guitar for a huge celebrity. Now, they also have to deal with all of his fans on the lookout for the guitar as well, which is basically like playing hide-n-seek except hundreds of thousands of people are it, and you're the only one hiding. If we were the thief, I think I would take Chris up on his offer of an apology and returning the guitar.

Regardless of what the thief does, if you are a fan of Chris Janson, or if you just want to be part of a man-hunt (I mean really, who has never wanted to be part of a man-hunt), you should be on the lookout for that gorgeous guitar.

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