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"One Man Band", The Perfect Love Song

Well, I'm sure y'all have heard of Old Dominion before, but have you heard their newest song? "One Man Band" is a true love song that you won't be able to stop listening to.

Be prepared to be taken on an emotional ride because this song is all about a man searching for the perfect partner to join his "band". The lyrics are the best part of the song, "And I found you like a melody/ You were singing in the same key as me/ We had 'em singing in the streets". With lines like that, how can you not swoon on the spot? Now, just because the lyrics are amazing doesn't mean everything else is lacking. The vocals and guitar work keep you interested and bobbing your head along the entire time. The only way I can really describe this song is that it is good for the soul.

"One Man Band" and "Make It Sweet" are the most recent songs released by Old Dominion, but they have an album set to release in the future. Tell us what y'all think of the song!

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