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New phone, who dis??

Y'all ready for a real headbanger? Will Finley's new jam "Text Back" will make you forget all about that person who left you on read because you'll be rocking out instead.

Will lets you know the deal right away with this one - his old gal left him for another guy who ignores her, and then she'll hit up Will when it's convenient for her. Everyone has been in this situation, and there's really no good way to handle it (Personally, I just ignore it but everyone's got their own methods). Will, on the other hand, he steps up the game in a MAJOR way. He decides "screw this, I'm gonna be a bada$$ rockstar" and that is exactly what he does with "Text Back". When you think about it, "Text Back" is basically the modern "How Do You Like Me Now?!" except with a rockin' twist. The genius of this tune is how Will drags you into the mix with him; between the fast beat, shredding electric guitar, and outstanding vocals, you'll be the one ignoring texts in no time.

If you have ever found yourself in the same situation as Will, then "Text Back" is definitely the song for you. Now, go listen to it and don't leave us on read afterward.

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