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Jeff Coffey’s “This Is It”, Released, An Exciting New Take on a Kenny Loggins Classic

“This Is It” is the first digital single to come from Coffey’s widely anticipated album,“Origins” where Coffey channels a unique sound to the songs that shaped him. Released in December last year, Coffey dedicated fifteen songs that include specific tracks and artists that inspired his career.

Such acts include, classic rock icons from Rod Stewart to Queen. Coffey is no stranger to the spotlight, former tenor vocalists for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group Chicago and bassist and background vocalists with Eagles legend, Don Felder, he is comfortable being in the foreground. With wailing vocals and a jaw dropping vocal range Coffey gives Loggins tune fresh life. Coffey respects the original aspects of these songs but he uses the inspiration that kicked everything off to invest his own spirit and musical ideas to reignite the Grammy award winning song.

“This is it” is a perfect opening digital release to his inspiration album. Coffey puts an emphasis on communicating to his listeners through crystal clear vocals and raw emotion that is unsurpassable. Gracefully, placing himself in the shoes of the world renowned Kenny Loggins, Coffey takes on this feat without looking back and with a new interpretation and mood in mind. Originally, composed for Loggins ailing father, Coffey holds true to the pure desperation and power of the original song.

Preparing for a monumental 2020, “This Is It” is a perfect beginning to a new year. It being the first song released for his new album, “Origins”, “This Is It” will cement Coffey’s gripping year to come to life.

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