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Cody Howell Lights Up Country Music Scene with Surprise Debut Single

Cody Howell, an up-and-coming maverick in the country music scene, sent shockwaves through the industry by releasing his debut single, "Any Way You Go," early on the eerie date of Friday the 13th. It's a move that perfectly mirrors his unconventional approach to country music. The song, described as the anthem of fall, captures the essence of bonfire Friday nights and small-town weekends.

Cody Howell couldn't resist the urge to surprise his fans with "Any Way You Go." In his own words, "If I'm gonna have a debut, it's gonna be fire."

Though he might be a newcomer, Cody Howell brings an impressive resume to the table. His vocal talents have graced none other than Dolly Parton's upcoming rock album, "Rockstar," where he contributed background vocals. Now, he steps into the spotlight with his own music, signaling a promising journey in the country music world.

"Any Way You Go," produced by the industry stalwart Kent Wells, is Cody Howell's first step towards making a resounding impact in the music business. The song, a come-as-you-are anthem, embodies the spirit of good times, camaraderie, and the tight-knit communities found in small towns across the country.

"Any Way You Go" is an invitation to a come-as-you-are party, reflecting the joy of spending time with good friends. Cody Howell shares, "Back home in Kansas, every weekend, we'd all meet up, just like every town, good people having good times." The lyrics paint a vivid picture of weekend gatherings, where it doesn't matter how you show up; what matters is the shared experience.

The lyrics of "Any Way You Go" reflect the down-to-earth, easygoing spirit of Cody Howell's music. They celebrate the choices we make in life, from our company and attire to our drink of choice, all within the backdrop of a good old-fashioned Friday night bonfire.

Cody Howell's debut has created a buzz within the country music community, and his journey is only just beginning. Keep an eye on this rising star, and don't forget to follow him on social media @codyhowellcountry and visit his website at for updates and more of his remarkable music.


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