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Does Distance Make the Heart Grow Fonder?

Press play on Presley Tennant's newest single, '600 Miles'. The California cowgirl takes us to a special place in her heart, "questioning what could have been" with a lover who is separated by distance. This emotional country ballad pulls at the heartstrings of potential lovers who fought to make distance work but inevitably fail. We hear Presley grappel with the fact that she loves this guy but knows that the 600 Miles between them makes the heart grow weaker.

Presley takes us on a journey of a love never lived both musically and lyrically. The song starts out very soft and hopeful, but by the time we get to the pre-chorus, we know that this love won't last. The realization of a love that won't last becomes more evident as we follow Presley's thoughts and questions in verse 2. By the bridge, we find out that hope falls through and the distance between two lovers makes them grow apart, though as many of us know, those questions follow us long after the relationship ends.

'600 Miles' sets the tone for an album that is sure to be one out of Presley Tennant's personal diary. There's no doubt the country star's debut EP is going to be one worth waiting for. We can't wait to see what other personal stories Presley gives us in her songwriting. Be sure to check out Presley's new merch store, which is available at the following link:


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