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“Jail & Jesus” - Scrapbook in A Song

The album art for Payton Howie’s newest single, “Jail & Jesus” is a scrapbook of ancient family photos, moments captured from each branch on Howie’s family tree. In her new release, the song itself resembles a brutally honest scrapbook.

Watch the Acoustic Video to “Country Before Me” -

Howie shares stories within her family history omitting no ugly detail, but rather focusing on the fallen moments in order to illuminate the redemption in her own story. Howie writes, “Rebel blood runs through my veins, I chose not to end up that way.” Howie’s unique but classically country telling of these deeply personal stories is a song of defiance in the face of generational curses & redemption for stories old and new.

Watch the Lyric Video for “Jail & Jesus” -

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