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Josh Christina is a Modern-Day Elton John in "Old Piano" Music Video

 Josh Christina's "Old Piano" music video is a montage of clips reminiscent of all the most iconic classic rockers - he truly brings us all of the nostalgia in the visual through his outfits and music. Christina is a captivating combination of his influences which include the biggest rock and roll legends from Elvis Presley to Elton John, and it certainly shows in the visual through his flashy ensembles, lyrical hooks and musical talent.

     The music video begins in black and white as Christina passionately sings the first verse solo at a grand piano. As he transitions into the chorus with a bright major chord, the video pops into color, revealing his signature bright red glasses. Under his silver jacket, a black shirt sparkles in the light as he moves to his music. As he sings the first chorus, a quick scene of him decked in a suit reminiscent of Elton John flashes before our eyes - blue flowers bloom up the sleeves of a flamboyant white jacket, and a silk brown button-up underneath matches his round-framed sunglasses. Several outfit changes follow, giving major Elvis vibes as he appears back in black and white with his suit collar popped while he's shredding the piano and singing his lyrics: "Sang Beethoven and Bach, rhythm, blues & rock / New York and Georgia are always on my mind." At one point, he stands in an orange studded leather jacket and plays two pianos - one with each hand - bringing the video to a peak. Christina returns to his original setting and outfit in the final chorus, and the very end the frame fades back to its original black-and-white. 

     "Old Piano" is the classic rock revivalist's most recent single since his release of "Rockstar" earlier this year, and it's his first music video since "Let's Get Woke" in June of 2019. He's gained international recognition, having appeared on Ireland's Late Late Show in 2016, and has earned high praise from the lead member of Chuck Barry's band. Known for his authenticity, Christina is giving a new twist to the music he was raised on in hopes of bringing classic rock to younger generations. You can watch his "Old Piano" video here:


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