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Justin Biltonen would be, “The star of the show if heartache was a rodeo” in newest single

Photo by Sarah Elizabeth

Country artist and skilled touring musician draws on country’s classic heartbreak stories in “Heartache Rodeo.” Justin Biltonen adds a creative twist by relating romantic heartbreak to that of a rodeo.

“If heartache was a rodeo, I’d be buckled down saddled up and ready to go.”

“I’ve always loved rodeo and wanted to write a song with that imagery,” reveals Biltonen. “Rodeo is the one sport where the odds are always going to be stacked against you, you kind of have to get used to always losing. The ups and downs of love and loss are a lot like that, too. In this story, I wanted the loser to be the winner. The guy might not get the girl, but he’s tough enough to stay on the horse long enough to win a title.”

Bitonen has toured globally as bassist for 3 doors down; a Billboard charting rock band known worldwide for its ecstatic live shows. When Covid-19 put a pause on touring, it allowed Justin to immerse himself in his solo projects as a country artist.

The passionate musician acquired the attention of terrestrial radio with his single, “She’s Got the Highway,” which solidified his place in the country music scene.

You can visit Justin’s website for other music and more at

“Heartache Radio” is now available on streaming services or click here to listen.


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