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Little Wretches Release Timely Musical Statement "All Of My Friends"

In a post-truth era, ‘All of My Friends’ by Little Wretches is a timely musical statement. The band’s latest single has a familiar country / folk quality, which occasionally ventures into indie-alternative Arcade Fire territory. This is, in part, an echo from the Little Wretches’ notorious folk / punk origins in the 1980s. Founded in Pittsburgh by songwriter and lyricist Robert Wagner, and his violinist brother Chuckie, the band tends towards controversy. ‘All of my friends are on some kind of list of undesirables and anarchists. It’s not even safe to admit that you’re one of our friends’, sings Wagner with a slither of cynicism. However, good music does not discriminate. The dualistic male and female vocals featured throughout ‘All of My Friends’ are delivered in earnest, appealing to a global community of all opinions and persuasions. As the song comes to a close with a vocal canon in two, the Little Wretches are by no means alone. The listener is right there with them, and has been from the start.


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