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Pamela Hopkins - Squirrel Train

Pamela Hopkins imbues a sense of pure playfulness on the giddy “Squirrel Train”. With a wonderful western twang added, the country-rock spirit feels so inviting. By far the highlight rests within her carefully considered lyricism. Speed is of the essence for the whole track speeds on by in a joyous blur. Best of all the way that she delivers each line captures her inherent joy. Everybody on here is aware of the breakneck pace she sets. There is a live quality to it, like one is witnessing the whole band coming into full swing. Nor is there any buildup she just starts things up with a blast.

Guitar work immediately races forward and the rest of the band quickly follows. The groove on here has an insistence to it one that is doubly refreshing. Interplay amongst the band helps to embody that communal attitude that she so skillfully employs. Done with the utmost of dignity the many verses feel perfectly aligned. With the constant move forward, it feels as if the whole song seems to be propelled by her sheer unflinching vision, one that has a fire behind it. Best of all the song refuses to ever pull back, as it doubles and triples down on the kinetic energy that pours out of every nook and cranny. In fact, the finale seemingly has the song completely go off the rails in a deliriously happy way.

“Squirrel Train” has a grace to it, showing off the undeniable charms of Pamela Hopkins.


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