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Pete Miller - Hard to Find

Pete Miller goes for a classic, raw grit and soul on “Hard to Find”. With a truly timeless edge about it, he conjures up imagery of some of Johnny Cash’s honest vision. Best of all the way that he has a mere guitar accompanying his vocals is a bold choice. Yet, thanks to his determined, steely presence he makes this work. Guitar work is not complicated but rather imbued in fire and passion. Thanks to this element the song has this truly spellbinding quality about it. Riffs too have deep roots with elements of the blues, country, even rock to a degree. A rhythm does emerge and serves as the very backbone of the rest of the piece.

From the very beginning he holds nothing back. Going for a complete onslaught on the senses everything about it features a rather rugged disposition to all of it. Lyricism matters for he cuts all the excess to get to the absolute hard truths. Verses cascade in a way that feels ever so powerful. His delivery proves to be absolutely beautiful, with a nice western twang about the style. Within the approach the song sprawls out into the seemingly infinite, referencing wide-open spaces in a way that has a delicacy to it. Right into the very end he never deviates from this formula and it has a chilling defiance that closes it out.

Keeping things to the absolute essentials, Pete Miller offers up a commanding presence on the powerful “Hard to Find”.


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