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Should We Blame It On Dariann Leigh?

Dariann Leigh is the next leading thing in country music. Coming from a very small town Northwestern Minnesota, Dariann has always dreamt of making it big in the music industry and this is her chance. Dariann released her very first single in March of 2019 which helped get her name out there in the country music industry. Since her first drop, Leigh has added 11 singles to her rapidly growing discography. Her recently released single “Blame It On Me” will be her 12th single released for the young, aspiring country artist.

“Blame It On Me” is an upbeat country song with a hint of pop mixed into the background. The very beginning of the song starts with an electric guitar sneaking up on the right side of the listener’s ear that then leads into a driving quarter note bass drum beat. Dariann’s distinct country voice ripples throughout the chorus with power and clarity with the driving drum beat getting any listener ready to get up and put on their dancing shoes.

Dariann is ready to “tear down every wall” of the country music industry and will absolutely become a dominant female figure, ready to inspire and uplift women who want to follow in her footsteps. You can watch the official audio video to “Blame It On Me” here.


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