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Sunrise and Ammunition’s EP, Triangulum, Blends Genres and Bends Minds

The three-man psychedelic and progressive rock band do not let the bounds of genre tie them or their sound down. Born from experimental and psychedelic music of all kinds, they absorbed all the eclectic sounds they could get their hands on from the internet. The band formed just after its members, consisting of Tyler Saucier (guitar/vocals), Chris Branton (drums/vocals), and Chris Richardson (bass), finished intermediate school, and over the years they have developed a musical chemistry that borders on telepathy.

Sunrise and Ammunition just released their EP, Triangulum, named after the constellation due to their relative geographic location to each other when they met. “We think this is appropriate for our band because it seems like cosmic destiny that we would all live so close together, and we often imagine our music in cosmic terms, radiating out deep into space when we play,” they said.

Triangulum includes 4 tracks, each more gripping than the last. The first song, “Movers,” takes on the most psychedelic sound utilizing synthetic sounds and instrumentals. It takes on a Tame Impala meets BATTLES with a hint of Tera Melo. The next song, “Luca,” has a clearer rock n’ roll inspiration to it. It’s sound and style is like Tera Melo and Pink Floyd. “Vulcan Dome” is by far the heaviest and most powerful song on the EP, with a BATTLES and The Fall of Troy vibe. They use both heavy electric guitar and electronic synth sounds reminiscent of sci-fi ambiance. The last song, “Mt. Fuji,” sounds the most like Pink Floyd as they experiment with sound and style while maintaining a familiar structure and foundation.

“These songs are inspired by transcendence, whether that’s transcending your physical location, the limits of your ego, or interpersonal problems,” says the trio. “Music is the vehicle to

transcend, and to let the imagination take us on a journey to the spaces beyond our normally limited self.”

Listen here: “We like to explore sounds and moods, so people may connect to each song in a different way or they may like one that resonates with them most. We see writing songs as building worlds with their own unique mood and archi-texture!” they share.

Find Sunrise and Ammunition via: Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Spotify


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