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The Music Charts Are Harry’s House.

Months after releasing his third album, Harry Styles still has three hits invading the top 10 charts. Amidst a record breaking residency tour with 15 shows at the iconic Madison Square Garden, leaving a banner hung in his honor, 6 shows at the Austin Moody Center, 6 shows at the United Center in Chicago and 15 shows upcoming at the Forum; the superstar is becoming a male pop legend among the works of Elton John and Freddie Mercury from Queen.

Following the release of the leading single for the album, “As It Was,” Harry Styles performed at Coachella teasing both “Late Night Talking” and “Boyfriends” which truly increased the buzz around “Harry’s House.” Compared to “Boyfriends” the tragic tale of a toxic relationship in a ballad fashion similar to those of Fleetwood Mac, “Late Night Talking” is an upbeat 70’s disco infused track all about pillow talk.

With lyrics portraying the giddy feelings of starting a new relationship and wanting to talk to your partner day and night, “Late Night Talking” is a track worth listening to. Amidst trumpets, synthesizers and Style’s beloved voice, “Late Night Talking” is on the charts and not leaving any time soon. The accompanying music video portrays the magnetic charisma Style’s has to offer and shows why Harry has built such a strong fanbase.

In a fortress of white sheets to laying in a bed moving across London, Harry Styles's music videos are always creative and nonetheless entertaining.

Watch the bed hopping music video here:

From an album release, music videos, touring and his rising acting career the introspective artist is getting all the recognition he deserves. You can watch Style’s in the cinema in the films My Policeman releasing November 4th on Amazon Prime Video and Don’t Worry Darling in theaters now. Everything Style’s touches turns to gold, he is magnetic, charismatic and the ultimate vision of what a superstar should be. Keep up with Harry Styles and his increasing stardom at!


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