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Unleashing the Inner Power: Asher Laub and Porter Singer Unite on 'Subtle Pulse.'

Electric violinist Asher Laub and singer-songwriter Porter Singer collaborated on a song destined to rock the music industry. Their latest release, "Subtle Pulse," is a genre-defying song that talks about the inner power in every one of us.

Virtuoso violinist and sound engineer Asher Laub has performed in Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center, and the Sydney Opera House while touring the globe. Also, he frequently appears on PBS and has been highlighted by CNN, WABC, and NBC. Laub is recognized for his inventive improvisation and violin playing.

Porter Singer is a spiritual guide and artist who has written and released nine albums under the name Sirgun Kaur. She has performed in the US and Europe at conscious wellness festivals. Porter also hosts the Podcast "Inspired Artist: Conversations with Spiritual Creatives" and the "Sensitive Superhero Tribe" on Facebook.

When two talented artists work together to create something powerful and beautiful song like "Subtle Pulse," people always cheer and expect more from them. "Subtle Pulse" strongly blends Asher's trans-genre improvisation and Porter's excellent songwriting. It serves as a reminder of the voice of our instinct, gut, or conscience.

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