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Long Cut's Debut Single "Country Roads" Isn't Your Typical Backroads Country Song

Get ready for a song that you're about to be CRANKIN all summer long (as Kid Rock would say). Long Cut, the hick-hop duo out of Colorado, has just hit the air waves with the release of their debut single "Country Roads". Now I know in todays country music climate, there's about a million songs about a singer's most favorite backroad. However, with "Country Roads", Long Cut has taken this often overly played out concept and done something completely new and different with it. The song kicks off with a thundering "We Will Rock You"-esque drum beat and moves right along to these two MC's perfectly blended vocals singing the hook. "Dotted lines fly by on the highway got my old dog in the bed of

Michael Ray - "One That Got Away" - A Non-Traditional Breakup Song

“Positive” and “Heartbreak” are two words that often do not end up in the same sentence. But Michael Ray’s new single , “One That Got Away” merges the two together effortlessly. In this song, Ray focuses less on the self-pity in a breakup, and more on simply enjoying the ride - acceptance that some relationships are not meant to last. While some would sit there and get upset after a breakup, Michael Ray tries to put a whole new spin on it - appreciation of the memories, such as - “She’s decorating my car / Soon she’ll be breaking my heart / She’s too wild horses to be all mine / I’ll be her beast of burden on borrowed time / she’s gonna rip off any kind of label / She’s into leaving those st

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