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Michael Ray - "One That Got Away" - A Non-Traditional Breakup Song

“Positive” and “Heartbreak” are two words that often do not end up in the same sentence. But Michael Ray’s new single , “One That Got Away” merges the two together effortlessly. In this song, Ray focuses less on the self-pity in a breakup, and more on simply enjoying the ride - acceptance that some relationships are not meant to last. While some would sit there and get upset after a breakup, Michael Ray tries to put a whole new spin on it - appreciation of the memories, such as -

“She’s decorating my car / Soon she’ll be breaking my heart / She’s too wild horses to be all mine / I’ll be her beast of burden on borrowed time / she’s gonna rip off any kind of label / She’s into leaving those strings untied / keeping it tax free under the table / she might only be mine tonight.”

In a recent press interview, Ray explains , “One That Got Away takes what would normally be a sad experience and flips it to embrace those moments. I think this song really celebrates one of the best parts of growing up - taking that risk on a relationship and opening yourself up to something that could be really great.”

This song was co-written by Josh Osborne, Jesse Frasure, Josh Rosen, and Matthew Ramsey. This song is full of positive vibes - from the anthem-like background vocals to the head-bopping rhythm and laid back, syncopated guitar riffs. This song is sure to be a hit this summer. Michael Ray’s second studio album, Amos, is set to release on June 1st.

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